Spireling Modeth Lai was one of the leaders of the Clasp in Emon.  As an NPC, Modeth was played by Matthew Mercer.

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Modeth sent several members of the Clasp to apprehend two members of Vox MachinaVax'ildan and Pike—after they were seen investigating the home of Sir Gregory Fince. When Vax revealed that he was a member of the Westruun sect of the Clasp, Modeth called for a test of their skills and intent, forcing the pair to do battle with a chained chimera in the Clasp's arena. They slayed the beast, but Modeth was still not convinced and decided to hold them overnight. However, Vax and Pike managed to escape and reunite with the rest of their party.[3]

Vox Machina later returned to the Clasp headquarters and got into a fight with Modeth in his chambers, which ended with Modeth being decapitated. The party discovered and stole four strange glowing crystals that the spireling had been keeping, then managed to safely exit the Clasp's headquarters thanks to Scanlan's deception and persuasion.[4]

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