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The Miskath Pit is a large, arcane sinkhole located in southern Blightshore. The pit is roughly 120 feet in diameter, and seemingly infinitely deep. It is a fusion of the Underdark and Far Realm, and is home to terrifying aberrations known as core spawn.[1]


The Miskath Pit is an endlessly deep sinkhole with an oblong opening. The subterranean expanse is psychedelic and bizarre, with lights, sights, and sounds appearing randomly. Travelers who brave the pit are filled with unease, as the presence of an ancient evil is clearly felt. Those who return from the pit appear to have gone mad with fear.[1] Despite this, the Miskath Pit holds a dark allure for many.[2]


Insect-like aberrations known as core spawn have been sighted within the pit.[1]


A multitude of enchanted minerals and precious elements are found within the pit.[1] One such material is a naturally occurring red crystal which is refined into a contraband substance known as soothsalts.[3]



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