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Mirumus is one of the Somnovem of the mutated Cognouza Ward of the city of Aeor. As an NPC, Mirumus is played by Matthew Mercer.



Mirumus's appearance, age and race prior to the flight of Cognouza into the Astral Plane and its subsequent transformation are unknown.

When Lucien was getting closer to the ruins of Aeor and the Immensus Gate he started seeing the Somnovem with more mundane appearances based on the idea he had of each one of them. To him, Mirumus looked like a person hiding their head with a hood that still left visible a narrow chin that warped when she grinned.[2]


Mirumus was one of the nine leaders, the Somnovem, of the Aeorian neighborhood called Cognouza.[3] Those leaders led the ward to escape the destruction of Aeor by the gods and transport themselves into the Astral Sea, where they encountered a "psychic storm that wracked every mind and spirit and shattered them until they became one with their own city."[4] "Thousands of people and the Somnovem that guided them were broken, and over time slowly reformed, powerful, the instinct of their dreams driving them, in a place where they could will their dreams to be, were their will not so fragmented."[5]

After Beauregard Lionett and Caleb Widogast, two of the members of the Mighty Nein, examined Lucien's journal, Mirumus was the most excited about the idea of bonding with new people, particularly with the wizard.[6]

Mirumus has not been encountered by the party. The Mirumus eye attack by Lucien (when he was transformed into the composite Neo-Somnovem) was negated by Caleb's Protection from Aberrations,[7] and later by a high wisdom save by Jester.[8]


Appearances and mentions[]


  • Mirumus: (about Caleb Widogast) "What a pleasant surprise! I like this one! What it will be to see through his eyes! To have him see through ours! Dreams! Drams! Dram-flam-flim-flam! GIVE IT TO ME. GIVE."


  • The name "Mirumus" may be derived from the Latin word mirum (surprise). Appropriately, their demeanor tended towards excitement.
  • Their voice was like a hail of glass that pelted the brain.[10]



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