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Mirrors of Infinite Transpondence are pairs of magical mirrors that allow long-distance communication.



Mirrors of Infinite Transpondence typically are silver hand mirrors.[1]


The Mirror allows ten minute conversations between two parties three times per day, even if they are on different Planes of Existence.[4] To invoke it, the holder rubs the surface and calls out the name of the person sought to be contacted.[5] Once communication is established, the holder can turn it around to display the area and items to the other party.[6][7]


Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

Allura Vysoren gave Jester Lavorre a Mirror in preparation for the Mighty Nein's trip into the Happy Fun Ball so that the party would be able to stay in contact with her.[8] When the party returned, Allura requested it be returned to her.[9]

The Tales of Exandria: The Bright Queen[]

When Quana Kryn traveled to the Ghostlands to meet with Dryca and confirm the appearance of another Luxon beacon, Leylas Kryn watched the exchange via a Mirror of Infinite Transpondence, witnessing the party being ambushed by draegloths.[10]


The Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn lists several individuals who own a Mirror of Infinite Transpondence that might be contacted if only one mirror is found by a player character. These people are:[1]

Another Mirror has no owner and is in an empty dungeon in Whitestone Castle.


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