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The Mirescar, known as the Heartwood in ancient times, is an exceptionally dense, corrupted portion of the Verdant Expanse.[2]


The Mirescar has existed within the Verdant Expanse since the forest's original growth. It is a dark, dense area, with twisted trees and gray moss. Sunlight can barely penetrate the thick canopy. Its corruption alters the animals who enter it, turning them into dire beasts or dark reflections of fey creatures.

The cause of the corruption is unknown, and those who have entered it have either disappeared or have lost their sanity.[2] The possible explanations for its corruption include Lolth cursing the place during the Calamity, the remains of a titan influencing it, or a meteor from Ruidus falling in the forest and altering the surrounding area.[1]

In the past, the guardian naga Sagacitous Erusaire treated the Heartwood as his domain, but the dark influence of the Mirescar has corrupted him, clouding his mind and making him and his grick minions develop sickening magic, making them obsessive about spreading diseases.[1]




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