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Minotaurs are large monstrous bipedal creatures sharing aspects of a humanoid and a bull.


Minotaurs are typically classified as Monstrosities,[2] though some are also classified as Humanoids.

Known Minotaurs


In the Age of Arcanum, minotaurs were created as protectors of labyrinths containing treasure and secrets as well as to serve as living siege weapons. After the Divergence, minotaurs mostly retreated to places like intricate cave systems where their innate sense of maze-like places serves them well.[5] In Wildemount, like many other races considered monstrous, minotaurs were welcomed by the Kryn Dynasty,[6] and sometimes interbreed with elves, producing horned half-elves.[7] Still, as of 835 PD there are blood-thirsty minotaurs outside the Dynasty in Xhorhas who have lately posed a threat to the Many Hosts of Igrathad.[8]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein

The Mighty Nein regularly encounter Marion Lavorre's minotaur bodyguard, Bluud, when visiting Nicodranas.

"Harvest Close" (2x17)

During the Harvest Close Festival in Zadash, the Last Line fought but were quickly overpowered and defeated by two minotaurs, resulting in the group being knocked out of the Victory Pit tournament.[9]

"Feral Business" (2x52)

Fan art of Sunbreaker Olomon, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

In Asarius, the Mighty Nein encountered Sunbreaker Olomon, a high-ranking member of the Kryn Dynasty.


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