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For a chronological listing of the various Critical Role content set on Exandria, see Media Chronology.

Critical Role Productions occasionally produces miniseries in the form of several episodes telling a connected story. To date, there have been two: UnDeadwood, a non-canon series set outside of Exandria that uses the Deadlands: Reloaded setting for the Savage Worlds RPG system; and Exandria Unlimited, a canon series set in Tal'Dorei approximately six years after Critical Role's second campaign.


Miniseries No. in series Title Original airdate Link Runtime
UnDeadwood 1 "UnDeadwood Part I: Stay Close, Reverend" 2019-10-18 VOD 2:03:41
Five strangers to each other and to the historic mining town of Deadwood are hired to investigate supernatural rumors by a local community pillar.
UnDeadwood 2 "UnDeadwood Part II: God Don't Play Cards" 2019-10-25 VOD 2:40:03
After being bestowed with mysterious power and a sense of coming dread, our wary clan finds some of Deadwood’s residents might not be as frightened as they seem.
UnDeadwood 3 "UnDeadwood Part III: I Got My Wish" 2019-11-01 VOD 2:03:11
On the trail of the puppet master, Arabella faces a devastating choice while the mystery's home grows closer.
UnDeadwood 4 "UnDeadwood Part IV: Goodnight, Miss Miriam" 2019-11-15 VOD 2:17:26
Our heroes close in on the necromancer after another personal loss, and come to realize justice takes many forms.
Exandria Unlimited 1 "The Nameless Ones" (Ex01) 2021-06-24 VOD 4:09:17
Five burgeoning adventurers explore the Upper Slums of Emon and take a job offered by a mysterious thief, but what they discover may be more dangerous than any of them bargained for...
Exandria Unlimited 2 "The Oh No Plateau" (Ex02) 2021-07-01 VOD 3:57:39
The party makes their way to the Fire Ashari, but their search for answers yields only more questions and deeper conflict...
Exandria Unlimited 3 "A Glorious Return" (Ex03) 2021-07-08 VOD 3:17:55
The group must return to Emon to seek the expertise of a powerful runechild, but the seeming simplicity of this task is made more complicated by the Nameless Ones' relentless pursuit...
Exandria Unlimited 4 "By the Road" (Ex04) 2021-07-15 VOD 4:25:32
The adventurers continue their travels south through Tal'Dorei, but the past comes calling for them all in very different ways...
Exandria Unlimited 5 "A Test of Worth" (Ex05) 2021-07-22 VOD 3:55:28
As the adventurers make their way into the jungles of the Rifenmist, inner and outer conflicts begin to surface among the members of the party...
Exandria Unlimited 6 "The Gift Among the Green" (Ex06) 2021-07-29 VOD 4:45:11
Finally arriving at Niirdal-Poc, the surprised adventurers discover something more ancient and thriving than the simple ruins of a lost city...
Exandria Unlimited 7 "Beyond the Heart City" (Ex07) 2021-08-05 VOD 4:02:31
Pressing deeper into the jungle, the group stumbles upon an intriguing puzzle, but unlocking its mysteries leads to a dangerous encounter...
Exandria Unlimited 8 "What Comes Next" (Ex08) 2021-08-12 VOD 3:32:29
Face to face with the foe who has been following them through the jungle, the group must use every ability and asset at their disposal to contend with a force that threatens to tear them apart at the very seams...