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Mini Primetime was a limited run short series on YouTube featuring Will Friedle teaching the cast and friend-of-the-show Babs Tarr how to paint miniatures. Each episode focused on a specific technique, including fades, small detail work, and creating a unique base.[1]

Lists of the paints and other supplies recommended by Ian were put out for every episode and can be found at

On 4 August 2020, Critical Role aired Mini Primetime: After Dark, a compilation of footage of the painting process by Ian Phillips that was only partially shown in the episodes. Rolled into one video backed by smooth music, it showcased the process for each figure from start to finish.


  • Will: (to every guest, except Travis) What's it like to be married to Laura Bailey?


No. in
Guest Airdate Link Runtime Sponsor
1 Sam Riegel 2019-10-30 VOD 0:13:48 Foster’s Bail Bonds
Painting with a limited color palette and dry brushing with washes to add depth.
2 Liam O'Brien 2019-11-06 VOD 0:13:33 Arsequeef GIF Emporium
Adding dirt and grime effects using the stippling technique.
3 Babs Tarr 2019-11-13 VOD 0:16:47 Willingblam’s Lone Star Bidets
Creating the illusion of dimension using a limited grayscale palette.
4 Marisha Ray 2019-11-20 VOD 0:14:59 Jaffe Funeral Homes & Cremation Services
Creating fade effects through wet blending.
5 Laura Bailey 2019-11-27 VOD 0:23:11 Art Dad's Art Pads
Creating a custom base for your mini with basic arts and crafts materials.
6 Matthew Mercer 2019-12-04 VOD 0:20:03 Just Booze
Painting aging effects, face details, and skin tones.
7 Travis Willingham 2019-12-11 VOD 0:23:28 VoidTech Industries
Creating realistic battle damage and using paint to give the illusion of damage.
8 Taliesin Jaffe 2019-12-18 VOD 0:15:28 Marisha’s Sleeveless Shirts
Painting finer details and techniques for steadying hands to paint with a hand tremor.




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