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"We all need a little time to relax and breathe. Grab yourself a book, your sketchpad, or relax your way with Mighty Vibes, Critical Role's homage to "beats to relax/study to" from Chilledcow. Enjoy a carefully curated playlist of chill tunes to help put your mind at ease, paired with relaxing animation by Kami and Kevin Areopagita."
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Mighty Vibes premiered during the programming hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. It features a minimally animated scene of one or two members of the Mighty Nein or Vox Machina backed by lo-fi music tracks by a variety of artists, interspersed with in-character comments by the characters.

The animation for Episode 5 (released 9 April 2021) was provided by Lap Pun Cheung.


No. Title Featured character(s) Original airdate Link Runtime
1 "Lo-fi Beats to Doodle To" Jester Lavorre 2020-04-24 VOD 49:49
Jester (and Sprinkle) working at her desk in Nicodranas.
2 "Chill Tunes to Study/Transcribe Magic To" Caleb Widogast, Beauregard Lionett 2020-05-22 VOD 52:16
Caleb works on his magic, while Beau studies and Frumpkin hangs out on her lap.
3 "Chill Tunes to Drink Tea/Meditate To" Caduceus Clay 2020-07-10 VOD 54:26
Meditations on life and death, tea drinking, and mushroom growing.
4 "Lofi Beats for Best Buddies to Listen To" Grog Strongjaw, Pike Trickfoot 2021-02-12 VOD 52:26
The very best buddies relax with chill lofi beats.
5 "Lofi Beats with a Light Breeze (Zephrah Radio)" Keyleth 2021-04-09 VOD 53:01
Take a short rest from your Aramenté with the chill tunes and relaxing animation of Mighty Vibes.
6 "Lofi Beats to Study with Your Twin To" Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan 2021-09-24 VOD 1:02:23
You still have a few hours left on your Exandria Online CD, so grab your favorite twin, crack open your textbook, and study to the chill tunes of Mighty Vibes.

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