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"We all need a little time to relax and breathe. Grab yourself a book, your sketchpad, or relax your way with Mighty Vibes, Critical Role's homage to "beats to relax/study to" from Chilledcow. Enjoy a carefully curated playlist of chill tunes to help put your mind at ease, paired with relaxing animation by Kami and Kevin Areopagita."
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Mighty Vibes premiered during the programming hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. It features a minimally animated scene of one or two members of the Mighty Nein or Vox Machina backed by lo-fi music tracks by a variety of artists, edited by Chris Willmott and interspersed with in-character commentary from the cast.

The animation for Episode 5 (released 9 April 2021) was provided by Lap Pun Cheung.


No. Title Featured character(s) Original airdate Link Runtime
1 "Lo-fi Beats to Doodle To" Jester Lavorre 2020-04-24 VOD 49:49
Jester (and Sprinkle) working at her desk in Nicodranas.
2 "Chill Tunes to Study/Transcribe Magic To" Caleb Widogast, Beauregard Lionett 2020-05-22 VOD 52:16
Caleb works on his magic, while Beau studies and Frumpkin hangs out on her lap.
3 "Chill Tunes to Drink Tea/Meditate To" Caduceus Clay 2020-07-10 VOD 54:26
Meditations on life and death, tea drinking, and mushroom growing.
4 "Lofi Beats for Best Buddies to Listen To" Grog Strongjaw, Pike Trickfoot 2021-02-12 VOD 52:26
The very best buddies relax with chill lofi beats.
5 "Lofi Beats with a Light Breeze (Zephrah Radio)" Keyleth 2021-04-09 VOD 53:01
Take a short rest from your Aramenté with the chill tunes and relaxing animation of Mighty Vibes.
6 "Lofi Beats to Study with Your Twin To" Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan 2021-09-24 VOD 1:02:23
You still have a few hours left on your Exandria Online CD, so grab your favorite twin, crack open your textbook, and study to the chill tunes of Mighty Vibes.

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Matt's father, Miki Miller, and his brother, Andrew, made music for Mighty Vibes.[2][3] Miki Miller performed four musical compositions for the third episode featuring Caduceus, whereas Andrew, credited as Pontoon, had composed one on the same episode and three in the previous one (Vol.2, featuring Beau and Caleb).[4]