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  • Hi! Where are you getting the spellings for Flotket Alps and Kravarot that you changed on 2x70? Because I had seen what I used on Critrolestats. Do you have another source I should know of?

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  • Hey, noticed that you added some Wildemount-based characters to the Westruun-located Cobalt Reserve "Known Members" list. Probably an error, unless you know something I don't about recent journeys to Tal'Dorei? (Note that each of the three known branches has its own "known members list...")

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  • Hi, there!  I'm an admin for the Critical Role Wikia community.  Welcome and thank you for your edit to Frumpkin!

    We have a long way to go, but we hope for this wiki to become a reliable source for information about Critical Role.  Because of the comprehensive nature of such a wiki, please be aware that spoilers are included without warning, sometimes even while a new episode is airing.  If you are avoiding spoilers, then it's probably best to avoid this wiki until you've caught up with the latest episode.

    If you have any questions or need help getting started, you can contact me or one of our other admins by replying to this message or by posting to one of our Message Walls.  For general help with using Wikia, you can also stop by Community Central to explore the help pages, forums, and blogs.

    Thank you again for contributing to the Critical Role wiki!

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