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  • No idea why it's doing strange things.

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    • Ah, okay. Well, that's fairly weird. I'm going to go through the change log one by one to see if I can make a guess as to what happened. Admin VeganCritter also might have some input, as she knows way more about wiki code than I do.

      In the meantime, for your reference, there are two ways to add ep ref templates.

      In source mode, which is what it sounds like you were doing, you just paste in the following, with the episode number, start timestamp, end timestamp, and description swapped out:

      {{ep ref|ep=1x01|0:00:00|0:05:00|more=A short description of the reference}}

      Make sure you have exactly two opening curly brackets {{ and two closing curly brackets }}, or it could cause problems.

      In visual mode, which could be easir if you aren't very comfortable with code, find the Templates section of the right sidebar and click 'Add other templates'. Type Ep Ref in the search bar and hit enter. In the fields that come up, you'll want to enter the following parameters: ep (the episode number, e.g. 1x01), #1 (the start timestamp), #2 (the end timestamp, which is optional), and more (a short description, also optional).

      I hope that helps! You've been doing a lot of great work on here!

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    • Update: I think I see what happened!

      In this revision, an ep ref got added that was missing a closing brace. That confused the parser for the next several edits, and the first link on the page got put into strange places as a result. Even when you added the reflist back in, the parser was still confused by the missing brace and kept re-breaking the page. It looks like you found the missing brace and fixed it in this revision, so the problem shouldn't happen again. tl;dr - you actually fixed it yourself. Yay!

      If you haven't worked with source code before, just remember that it is very picky about having things written the exact right way. Usually, weird errors come from a single misplaced character somewhere on the page, and not necessarily in the same place as weird things are happening.

      If you have worked with source code before, well, you already know how frustrating and unpredictable it can be at times. ;) Don't let it discourage you, and keep up the good work!

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  • Hi, there!  I'm an admin for the Critical Role Wikia community.  Welcome and thank you for your edit to User:Androgynousweirdo!

    We have a long way to go, but we hope for this wiki to become a reliable source for information about Critical Role.  Because of the comprehensive nature of such a wiki, please be aware that spoilers are included without warning, sometimes even while a new episode is airing.  If you are avoiding spoilers, then it's probably best to avoid this wiki until you've caught up with the latest episode.

    If you have any questions or need help getting started, you can contact me or one of our other admins by replying to this message or by posting to one of our Message Walls.  For general help with using Wikia, you can also stop by Community Central to explore the help pages, forums, and blogs.

    Thank you again for contributing to the Critical Role wiki!

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