Merpal is a Zhelezo guard in Nicodranas. As an NPC, Merpal is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Merpal is a young man, dressed in a manner that distinguishes him as a Zhelezo (clothing and/or armor of blue and green, matching the colors worn by other Zhelezo).

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Merpal can be talkative and become easily enamored.[1] Beau selected him as being the more insecure-looking of the two guards at the docks,[2] as he appeared to be half-present in mid-daydream.[3]

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Merpal had once helped deal with a band of thieves at the docks prior to the arrival of the Mighty Nein in Nicodranas.[4]

"Encroaching Waters" (2x34) Edit

When Beau (as "Tracy") approached him as he was guarding the Nicodranas docks and flirted with him, he immediately shared with her the location and details about its defenses, the Sluice Weave, and then tried to arrange to meet her socially after his shift ended.

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Beauregard Edit

Tracy - Merpal believes Tracy to be the daughter of a rich family from the city of Zadash on vacation in Nicodranas. Despite initial annoyance of being approached and questioned, Merpal quickly finds himself flirting, then infatuated with this stranger from The Empire. Before parting ways Merpal finds out Tracy is staying at the Lavish Chateau within the city and states a desire to seek Tracy out in the future.[5]

Beauregard - Unknown to Merpal, Tracy is a false persona used by Beauregard to extract information about the location of the Sluice Weave within the city from him. Unaware of Tracy's true identity, it is unknown what Merpal would make of Beauregard's true personality.

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  • Merpal's name comprises of the French word for Sea "Mer" and the English slang for friend "pal"; in essence, his name can be perceived to mean Sea Friend.

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