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This article is about the prison in the city of Dis. For the mountain in Wildemount, see Mount Mentiri.

Mentiri (sometimes the Mentiri) is an underground prison in the City of Dis.[1]


The prison is reached through an enormous, heavy crimson gate, leading to a seemingly endless staircase. The metal and stone walls of the prison are warped, with stone arms and bloody hooks jutting out. The air is hot, stagnant, and humid with sweat.[2] The maze-like hallways and rooms seem designed to cause prisoners to lose track of where they are or finding their way back out.[3]

One of the sections of Mentiri, the Bastion of Flesh, imprisons all the living mortals that were captured on this plane and not yet fully corrupt.[4]


Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

The party learned of Mentiri prison while in search of Hotis in the City of Dis, discovering the defeated rakshasa was being held as a prisoner there while he recovered from the damage caused to him during his unsuccessful attack on Vax'ildan. The devil Ipkesh proposed a contract with the party whereby he would have Vox Machina safely arrested and placed within the prison, where his allies within would aid them to reach Hotis. In return, they must kill Utugash, the devil that Ipkesh worked for.[5] If they failed, the soul of the signer of the contract would be forfeit. Although the party (particularly Keyleth), were reluctant, they failed to find out much information about the prison through other means, and eventually Percival signed the contract amended to add that they would retain their equipment once arrested.[6]

After rescuing the captive Tova and killing Utugash, the party were arrested as promised and escorted to the prison, eventually being chained in a cell. A barbed devil arrived, returned their weapons, and provided directions to reach Hotis. Keyleth Shapechanged into a rat, escaped her manacles, and gave Vax his lockpick with which he was able to free the others. She then turned them into bats and they flew deeper into the prison, following the directions provided by the devil. Eventually, battling through a guardian bone devil, three spine devils, and a chain golem, they reached a cell door. Within was a fleshy, egg-like shape suspended by muscly tendrils and containing the writhing form of Hotis, still reforming. Grog walked forward into the room, raised his hammer, and effortlessly pulverized the rakshasa, ending his life once and for all. Keyleth then Plane Shifted the party back to Whitestone on the Material Plane.[7]



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