The Menagerie Coast Map by Deven Rue 900x

Official map of the Menagerie Coast by Deven Rue.

The Menagerie Coast is the region of Wildemount situated west of the Cyrios Mountains and along the coast. The term is also used politically for the confederation of city-states on that southwestern coast of Wildemount and the Swavain Islands united under the Clovis Concord. The region thrives on open trade and cultural freedom.[1] This confederation controls most of the long-distance imports and exports for the virtually land-locked Empire, as all maritime imports and exports must pass through the Coast's ports.[2]


Swavain IslandsEdit

Main article: Swavain Islands.
An archipelago southwest of the coast of Wildemount, the Swavain Islands are mostly controlled by the Clovis Concord out of the Menagerie Coast. The exception is Darktow Isle, headquarters of The Revelry.[3]
Menagerie Coast, Version 20.1

Map of the Menagerie Coast

Notable SettlementsEdit

  • Nicodranas
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Nicodranas is a major port city about half the size of Port Damali[4] under the control of the Clovis Concord, with the exception of the Open Quay district owned by Yussa Errenis.[5]

  • Port Damali
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Port Damali is the largest and westernmost of the city-states on the Menagerie Coast, being the major hub of trade between all the western bits of civilization including Tal'Dorei, Marquet and Issylra.[5] Almost everything legal is owned and run as a Myriad front.[6]

  • Port Zoon
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Port Zoon is a coastal city northwest of Nicodranas.[7]






  • Merchants of import, such as those present for the Victory Pit tournament in Zadash, wore silks, billowing pants, and jewelry consisting of many finger chains attached to rings. The style shares a visual aesthetic to that of classical Europe.[13]
  • Cities in the Menagerie Coast mint special gold coins called "galleys".[14]


The Ki'Nau were the indigenous people of the Coast before the Marquesians came.[15]



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