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The Menagerie Coast is a collection of city-states on the southwestern coast of Wildemount and the Swavain Islands, bound to mutual self-defense and trade with each other through the Clovis Concord.[1] This confederation has effectively monopolized trade and travel along the coast of Wildemount, though the Menagerie Coast greatly values open trade and self-expression,[2] it holds all the long-term imports and exports in the palm of their hand.[3]


Swavain IslandsEdit

Main article: Swavain Islands.

An archipelago southwest of the coast of Wildemount, the Swavain Islands are mostly controlled by the Clovis Concord out of the Menagerie Coast. The exception is Darktow Isle, headquarters of The Revelry.[4]

Notable SettlementsEdit

Port DamaliEdit

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It's the largest of the city-states on the Menagerie Coast, located to the south-west of Trostenwald, and is where almost everything legal is owned and run as a Myriad front.[citation needed]





  • Merchants of import, such as those present for the Victory Pit tournament in Zadash, wore silks, billowing pants, and presently jewelry consisting of many finger chains that attach to rings. The style shared a visual aesthetic to that classical Europe.[9]
  • Cities in the Menagerie Coast mint special gold coins called "galleys".[10]




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