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Mazin "Fat Fish" Fahreed is a tabaxi and the Portcaller of Brokenbank.[1] He has not appeared onstream.



Fahreed is a male tabaxi.[1]


Fahreed is an honorable individual whose dependability as a leader led to his rise as the Portcaller of Brokenbank. As the de facto leader of Brokenbank, he performs all of the duties of a marquis without the respect that comes with the position. His tough and ornery demeanor is displayed when he meets with other members of the Clovis Concord, or expressing frustration from being left out of "major" Concord business. Fahreed has also been known to hand out severe punishments to anyone who questioned his authority.[1][2]

Fahreed's alignment is neutral.[1]


Thanks to his honor and dependability as a leader, Fahreed rose to the position of Portcaller within Brokenbank.[1] As Portcaller, he organizes incoming and outgoing shipping lanes for much of the Menagerie Coast while regularly dealing with pirates and smugglers. Fahreed commands a garrison of Zhelezo to police Brokenbank and aid port inspectors in handling suspicious activity.[2]

Fahreed is under investigation by The Myriad, who are seeking evidence to use as blackmail against him.[2]