Mauvlettir was a sea hag who, in 812 PD, resided in the flooded Engine Core of the Pools of Wittebak. They shared their lair with demonic merrow.[1]

So far, Mauvlettir has not appeared nor been mentioned onstream.


As a sea hag, Mauvlettir possesses the following traits and abilities.[2]

  • Natural armor[2]
  • Movement speed of 30 feet and swimming speed of 40 feet[2]
  • Darkvision[2]
  • Amphibious: Mauvlettir was able breathe in air and water.[2]
  • Horrific Appearance: Any humanoid within thirty feet of Mauvlettir that could see the hag's true form had the potential to be frightened if they did not avert their gaze[2]
  • Actions:
    • Claws: A melee weapon attack that dealt slashing damage.[2]
    • Death Glare: Mauvlettir could target a creature frightened of them and render them unconscious.[2]
    • Illusory Appearance: Mauvlettir was able to cover themself and their equipment in an illusory disguise resembling an "ugly" creature of medium size and humanoid shape. This effect would end upon death.[2]



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