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Matthew Colville is one of the authors of the Vox Machina Origins Volume 1 comic series, along with Matthew Mercer. He also contributed to the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting and is thanked in the credits of the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.

Other Works[]

Matthew Colville is also the founder and Head of Writing and Design of MCDM Productions, providing new mechanics, classes, monster and minis for D&D 5e. He is the Dungeon Master for a D&D webseries called The Chain of Acheron.

He's also known for his Running the Game videos, providing tips for GMs and his thoughts about TTRPG.

Prior to creating MCDM, Matthew Colville had worked as a writer on various TTRPGs, such as Dune (2000), The Lord of the Rings (2005), Star Trek (2002) and Liber Bestarius: The Book of Beasts (2002).[1]

In 2011 he was a lead writer at Turtle Rock Studios and worked on the video game Evolve. During the game's development, in late 2014, he met Liam O'Brien who was its Voice Director.[2]

He is also the writer of a fantasy novel cycle The Ratcatchers series, the first two volumes have been published: Priest and Thief.


  • Before Critical Role's first appearance on Geek & Sundry, Liam and Laura fleshed out more of their characters' background over coffee in a café. After this meeting, Liam put his notes together and e-mailed them but mistakenly sent them to Matt Colville instead of Matt Mercer. Both Liam and Matthew Colville were unaware at the time that the other was playing TTRPGs.[citation needed] Matthew Colville replied to him and shared his ideas about Vax and Vex as if they were from his own campaign setting.[3][4]
  • The name of Ophelia Mardoon was previously used by Matthew Mercer for a tiefling paladin named "Mardun" in a one-shot game run by Matthew Colville. He was known as The Ruby Knight and was a servant of the Queen of Fire.[5] Matthew Mercer and Liam also played a couple of one-shots run by Matthew Colville.[6]
  • Matthew Colville offered Liam a set of jade dice and his meteorite die, sometimes referred to as the "Colville die".[7][8]
  • Though not canon, Matthew Colville was portrayed by Matthew Mercer during a Battle Royal as an entity that provided Vox Machina a place to train before their fight against Vecna. He is referenced as a god named "Colville".[9] This entity reappeared in another Battle Royal.[10]
  • Matthew Colville, as a vampire, was also portrayed by Taliesin Jaffe in Critical Role One-Shot: Thursday by Night.[11]
  • During Campaign Two, Matthew Mercer and Matthew Colville discussed plans for the latter to play Oliver Schreiber, the head of the Augen Trust, if the Mighty Nein had gotten more deeply involved with rooting out corruption in the Dwendalian Empire.[12]
  • In Angel's Report, Episode 14 of The Chain, Matthew Colville makes an homage to Pumat Sol with his treant NPC shopkeeper Sumat Pol.[13]
  • Matthew Colville is nicknamed among Critical Role fans as "Evil Matt".[citation needed]
  • Makenzie De Armas worked with both Matthew Mercer (in Call of the Netherdeep) and Matthew Colville (in MCDM's productions Kingdoms & Warfare, Flee Mortals! and its fanzine Arcadia #2).
  • Kent Davis has also worked with Matthew Colville, providing art in Arcadia #4 and #7.


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