The Material Plane, or sometimes Prime Material Plane, is the plane of existence in which the world of Exandria exists, and in which the bulk of Critical Role's story takes place.

Relationship to Other Planes Edit

  • The Abyss is the home of Yeenoghu.[1]
    • In D&D: Dungeon Master's Guide, the Abyss is one of the Outer Planes. It "has a seemingly endless number of layers" and is associated with the chaotic evil alignment.[2] However, that cosmology may not be canonical for Critical Role.
  • The Astral Plane, or Astral Sea, contains gateways to other planes and is home to the githyanki.[3]
    • According to Lady Allura, when a Bag of Holding is destroyed, its contents are jettisoned into the Astral Sea.[4]
    • When Scanlan Shorthalt scried through his magical poo, his consciousness transcended the Material Plane, traveled across the Astral Sea, and arrived at his scrying destination on the Material Plane.[5]
  • The Elemental Planes of Fire, Water, Air and Earth intersect with the Material Plane. The druidic Ashari guard the portals at those connecting points.[6]
  • The Ethereal Plane overlaps the Material Plane, but they're out of phase with each other.[7]
  • The Far Realm is another dimension that connects to the Material Plane.[8]
    • Clarota told Vox Machina that, should they try to enter through the rift to the Far Realm that they found while in the Underdark, their minds would break.[9]
  • The Feywild, or Plane of Faerie, overlaps the Material Plane. There are many points of crossing, but Vox Machina only knows of one in the Frostweald.[10]
  • The Shadowfell, like the Feywild, overlaps the Material Plane. The only known portals are the three magic siphons that were set up throughout Exandria[11], though it is unclear if these are still active[presumed].

References Edit

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