Marrowglade Loch is a lake in Othanzia, approximately seven or eight hours' journey by foot to the west/southwest area of Vasselheim.  It doesn't bear any contemporary notability; it is now just a sunken, somewhat muddy, swampy land.[1]  The loch is a few hundred feet in diameter.[2]  Structures used to exist there, as indicated by ruins in the area.

History Edit

In the distant past, the area now known as Marrowglade Loch was an occupied landmass.  At some point, structures dedicated to the Raven Queen were erected.  When the champion formerly known as Purvan Suul died, he was interred in one of those structures.

At some point, as the topography of the area changed, part of the land sunk.  Water now gathers there, forming the Marrowglade Loch.  The structure with Purvan Suul's tomb now lies at the bottom of the Loch.

Ecology Edit

When Vox Machina explored Marrowglade Loch in "The Sunken Tomb" (1x44), they observed:

  • kuo-toa living in the submerged ruins;
  • the roc from Tal'Dorei that Vox Machina encouraged to migrate to Othanzia in episode "Consequences and Cows" (1x26);
  • a group of owlbears;
  • plant-life growing at the bottom of the lake; and
  • trees surrounding the lake.

References Edit

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