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The Marrow Valley is the southern and eastern region of the Dwendalian Empire.


The green fields of the Marrow Valley stretch from the Wuyun Gorge in the south to the Quannah Breach in the north. To the east it is bordered by the Ashkeeper Peaks and is separated from the Zemni Fields by the Silberquel Ridge and Labenda Swamp. The Truscan Vale is sometimes considered to be part of the Marrow Valley.


In the early years after the Calamity, the Marrow Valley was left inhospitable due to the great war. Nomadic human and halfling clans wandered the rocky hills for centuries, eventually settling into small villages, culminating in the founding of the central township of Zadash around the 400s PD. It was led by the Julous family, said to be nobility before the Calamity. Eventually their influence spread, uniting much of the valley as the Julous Dominion, though some holdouts such as the town of Kamordah remained.[1]

Eventually, the Julous Dominion's northern neighbors in the Zemni Fields, the Dwendalian Empire, spread southward. This led to the Marrow War in 544 PD, culminating in the Dominion's defeat and the unification of the Marrow Valley under the Empire's banner.[2]

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