Fan art of Vox Machina in Marquet, by NLN4.[art 1]

Marquet[1] is one of the continents on the world of Exandria.[2] 


Marquet is a continent of deserts and mountains[2]. To the north, the city of Shamal lies on the pebble-beached Bay of Gifts.[3] Beyond the port, the Aggrad Mountains spread for hundreds of miles before giving way to the immense Marquesian Desert[3] making up approximately 70% of the overall land area of the continent.[4] To the far south is scrubland and marshes leading to the mountains surrounding the Suuthan Volcano.[3] There are few bastions of civilization to be found.
Western Exandria, Version 20,1

Map of Western Exandria (including Issylra and much of Marquet)

Shumas is a region in Marquet.[5]

Notable Places Edit

  • Aggrad Mountains
  • Ank'Harel is a large, central oasis city in the center of the Marquesian Desert.[3]
  • Shandal is a small village south of Ank'Harel where Shaun Gilmore's parents live.[6]
  • Shamal is a bustling port city on the northern coast on the Bay of Gifts, and is home to the Dalen's Closet beach resort
  • The Smouldercrown Mountains is a volcanic range approximately 250 miles south of Ank’Harel where a hidden ziggurat served as a second portal for members of the Remnants to get into the Shadowfell. It is not yet completely clear whether the Suuthan Volcano mentioned in the CG is part of the Smouldercrown Mountains or whether is in a different southerly direction from Ank'Harel.


Individuals native to the continent of Marquet tended to have darker hair and skin.

The elves of Gwardan on the Menagerie Coast originated from Marquet long ago.[7]


  • Merchants of import, such as those present for the Harvest Close Festival Victory Pit tournament in Zadash, wore outfits consisting of very light linens of a dull egg-shell white, with trims of gold and purple, paired with deep blue pants.[8]

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