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Marion Lavorre,[1] better known as the Ruby of the Sea, is Jester's mother and a prominent courtesan in Nicodranas. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.



Marion Lavorre by BlackSalander

Fan art of Marion Lavorre, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

Marion is a tiefling with golden eyes, ruby red skin and dark red hair, from which her illustrious title is derived. She is graceful and alluring with a charming and delightful nature about her.


Marion is warm, jovial and motherly. Whilst truly astonishing, her appeal is said to in fact come from her wisdom and her intelligence, paired with her open heart and the comforting aura she exudes. She is also very perceptive and pays a lot of attention to detail, from both the shallower aspects of appearance and the more profound one of understanding human emotion and being able to read it. Marion fiercely loves Jester and cherishes her above everything. However, she harbors deep sorrow and regret regarding Jester's father, whom she still has nostalgic feelings for.[2]

Marion has a fear of the outdoors known as agoraphobia as revealed by Matt during "Talks Machina #82: 'Encroaching Waters'" (TMx82). Jester is aware of Marion's condition. In "A Dangerous Chase" (2x64) she tells the Mighty Nein she is under the impression that leaving the Lavish Chateau makes Marion anxious and that Marion feels safe there.[3]



Marion had a romance with a blue-skinned man named Babenon Dosal. According to her description, he came from an island, had dark hair, and wore lots of rings.[4] Babenon and Marion planned to get married and Marion was going to leave Nicodranas with him. He left to set up his house for them, but then never came back. It was unclear whether or not he knew that Marion was pregnant with their daughter, Jester Lavorre, at the time. Marion told Jester many loving stories about him when she was a child.[5]

The Mighty Nein Origins: Jester Lavorre[]

Marion raised Jester in the Lavish Chateau, with the help of Bluud and the rest of the staff, while continuing her work as a courtesan. At some point in Jester’s childhood, Robert Sharpe, one of Marion’s clients, noticed the young girl, but Marion assured him that her time remained entirely his. Jester grew to believe that due to her agoraphobia, Marion kept herself busy so that she had a good reason to never leave the Chateau. Marion assured a young Jester that they will go outside and play when Jester is older. They both knew it was a lie but it comforted them. In the meantime, Marion asked Jester to draw what she saw outside and to show Marion when she was finished.

In time, art became the primary way Jester and Marion interacted with the outside world, until at around 13 Jester met Barnabas Sharpe, and invited him into the Chateau to watch one of her mother’s performances. When the two teenagers are caught by their parents for sneaking into the show, Robert accused Jester of corrupting his son, and Marion apologized to him. Jester stormed off to her room, angry at Barnabas for lying, and Marion chased after her. In her room, Jester met the Traveler, and the two sneaked off to cause chaos in the city, and Marion watched them, unseen from her balcony.

Marion - Origins Jester

Official art of Marion Lavorre, by Hunter Severn Bonyun and Cathy Le from The Mighty Nein Origins: Jester Lavorre.[art 3]

Over time, Jester and the Traveler pranked many in Nicodranas. Eventually, Marion told Jester that she knows she sneaks out. Though she would not stop Jester, she was specifically concerned Jester would get hurt if she continued her antics with the Traveler. Angry, Jester accused Marion of being too busy and scared of going outside to know. Marion said that she was trying to protect Jester from a world that was never kind to her, Jester suggested that Marion does not trust her and stormed out of the Chateau. Though Marion was in no mood, Bluud delivered an important letter about the Revelry.

While Jester was gone, Marion grew worried about her daughter’s well-being, sensing that something was wrong and called for Bluud. A servant informed her that Bluud was at the market, and therefore unavailable to be sent after Jester. After significant internal struggle, Marion found the resolve to leave the Chateau, and made her way to the market to find Bluud.

After Jester’s rescue and return to the Chateau, Marion embraced her daughter. Wanting Jester to not be as afraid of the world as she is, Marion had Jester promise to surround herself with people she trusts and who love her. Jester headed upstairs, while Marion began preparing herself for her evening’s work. Jester then locked Marion’s client for the evening, Robert Sharpe, on the balcony, and Marion rushed to investigate the ensuing commotion. Jester told Marion that Sharpe worked with the Revelery. Already knowing this, Marion admitted she had been building evidence against him for years. She expressed her faith and confidence in Jester and instructed her to leave immediately, believing that Jester was no longer safe in Nicodranas. Promising to write, Jester ran off into the night with the Traveler.

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

Arc 1: Come Together & Arc 2: The Bad Guys[]

"Whispers of War" (2x18)[]

In "Whispers of War" (2x18), Marion sent a package to the Pillow Trove for Jester. The package included a small vial of Marion's lavender perfume, 5 ink vials (red, blue, green, and two black), and 200 gold. Included was a letter to Jester:

My Darling Jester,

I do so hope your journeys have been safe, fruitful, and wondrous.

I've always wished you to see the beauty of the world around us, and while the circumstances perhaps were not the most favorable, it has allowed you the freedom to become your own woman, to show all of Wildemount and beyond, the gifts you have to offer, and the joys you have to give.

My sweet girl, how I miss you. Your laughter, your energy, I've been sick in your absence. But it is a trial any mother must endure, I suppose. You're on your own now, and while I will always miss that little girl, I'm equally eager to see the woman that you will become.

Tensions here are less, but not absent. Given time, I hope things will vanish into the past, and you may come to see me once more. Until then, I have included a small trifle, some things to keep you comfortable, creating, and free.

I love you.

Your Ruby

Marion Lavorre
Letter to Jester in "Whispers of War" (2x18)[6]
"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23)[]
BlackSalander Ruby of the Sea Marian Lavorre

Fan art of Marion Lavorre, by BlackSalander.[art 4]

Jester communicated with Marion via the Sending spell for the first time.[7]

"The Ruby and the Sapphire" (2x33)[]

The Mighty Nein met Marion for the first time after witnessing her perform at The Lavish Chateau.[8] Marion told the Mighty Nein she had been having trouble with a possessive client named Algar Dyomin threatening other clients of hers.[9] Jester insisted that they would take care of the problem for her. While discussing their travels, the Mighty Nein realized that The Gentleman resembled Marion's description of Jester's father, Babenon Dosal. [10]

"Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35)[]

Jester told Marion that Algar Dyomin has left Nicodranas but lied that she does not know why.[11] After the Mighty Nein have dinner at the Lavish Chateau, they decided to go out for the evening. Marion agreed to watch Nugget while they are out.[12]

"O Captain, Who's Captain?" (2x36)[]

As The Mistake left the docks in Nicodranas, Jester cast Sending to Marion and let her know that she is safe but they had to leave. She asked her to take care of Nugget. Marion replied that she hopes Jester and her friends stay safe and come back soon.[13]

"The Second Seal" (2x47)[]

Jester used Sending to speak with her mother letting her know she is on her way back to Nicodranas. Marion responded letting her know that the commotion caused by the Mighty Nein's hijacking The Mist from the docks seems to have died down, but she also warned Jester that it would be best to be cautious upon their return.[14]

Arc 3: The Bright Queen's Favor[]

"Homeward Bound" (2x48)[]

Marion hosted the Mighty Nein at the Lavish Chateau when they came back to Nicodranas. She asked Jester to take Nugget with her when she left. Marion fought her agoraphobia to walk outside and see the Mighty Nein off before they left for Felderwin. She gave Jester a necklace with a ruby she had specially made. Jester gave Marion a jar of honey from Bisaft Isle.[15]

"A Dangerous Chase" (2x64)[]

Jester communicated with Marion after the battle in the Barbed Fields as she was worried that her mother would be a target for Astrid and the Cerberus Assembly. Marion replied that the tone of Jester's voice worried her and she hoped Jester would come back soon.[16]

Arc 4: Swords and Angels & Arc 5: Family Ties[]

"Family Gathering" (2x71)[]

Yeza, escorted by the Mighty Nein is brought back to his family at the Lavish Chateau. While they were there, Jester decided to check in with her mother and tell her about their recent adventures.

"The Fancy and the Fooled" (2x97)[]

Jester and the Mighty Nein arrived in Nicodranas prior to the peace negotiations between the Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty. They went to the Lavish Chateau where Jester showed her mother the magical tattoo that Orly Skiffback had done, and asked for and received permission to use her bathtub for the ritual to transform Nott. Jester also told Marion that the Traveler is not actually a god, and described him. Marion recognized the description as someone she had seen at some of her performances in the past and asked the party if Jester was safe. They reassured her, and Fjord commented that Jester was more in control of the situation than you might imagine. Jester mentioned that Marion was invited to the Marquis Demesne to perform at the party the following night, and after hesitating, Marion agreed, saying that she'd been working on her excursions. The night of the party Marion felt nervous about leaving the Chateau, but was welcomed warmly and the Marquee's estate and her performance was well-received.

"Frigid Propositions" (2x109)[]

The Mighty Nein decided to take a quick vacation in Nicodranas after the events of Traveler Con. Jester came up to her mother's room and asked if her friends could stay the night and if she could perform for them. Marion agreed to do an impromptu performance for them and set the group up with specialty seats as well. Jester talked to her mother about Rumblecusp and if she was going to talk to the Gentleman again. Jester's mom said that Jester should just talk to him in person and ask if he wanted to come for dinner sometime.

"Dinner with the Devil" (2x110)[]

The Mighty Nein teleported into the Lavish Chateau on the way to visit the Brenatto family. Jester asked her mother where exactly the Brenatto's house is, and also if Marion had heard anything from Lord Robert Sharpe since the party. Marion replied that she hadn't, and he hasn't been a client for quite some time.

Arc 6: Weird Magic[]

"Cat and Mouse" (2x128)[]

The Mighty Nein arrived at the Lavish Chateau, and Jester explained to her mother that they had to leave because she was in danger and they're being pursued by bad people. She gave her mother an Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location, and after much hesitation Marion agreed to leave and began packing. A short while later, Veth warned everyone that they had to leave immediately, as Trent Ikithon and several Volstrucker were in the city. They evacuated the building and began stealthily running through the city to the Tidepeak Tower. The experience was distressing for Marion due to the shock and her agoraphobia, so Caduceus Clay offered to cast Calm Emotions on her to help her out once they arrive at the Tower. She gratefully accepted and it had an immediate positive effect. She was exhausted but shared a smile with her daughter at managing to cross the city. The Mighty Nein frantically debated their escape plan, while the Volstrucker forcibly entered the building, and Marion alongside the Brenatto family, Jester, Caduceus and Caleb Widogast were transported to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

"Between a Ball and a Hot Place" (2x129)[]

While investigating their location in the Plane of Fire, Veth and Jester disturbed a Fire Elemental guardian, who attacked the group. Marion and Yeza pulled Luc to safety behind a shelving unit, but despite their attempts at protecting him, Luc is killed. Marion screamed, and Veth found her cradling her son's body. Once Caduceus successfully resurrected Luc, Marion attempts to tend to Jester's injuries. Later, while setting up the dome, Marion listened in on Jester and Caleb's conversation about who is to blame for their situation, and offered Caleb reassurance, reminding him that bad people try to make good people believe they are at fault for being victimized, and to focus on the good things he does. The next morning, they cast Plane Shift to Zadash and made their way to the Evening Nip. Marion was nervous about traversing the city, and Fjord offered to escort her. She accepted, and closed her eyes, allowing him to guide her. Upon arriving at the Evening Nip, her anxiousness transformed to nervous butterflies at reuniting with her former lover.

"The Calm Before the Storm" (2x130)[]

Marion thanked The Gentleman for sheltering them, and at Jester's direction took a seat at this usual table. The staff there prepared a lunch for her, and The Gentleman brought her a bottle of liquor. She thanked him, said she had some questions for him, and he quickly left. While the rest of the Mighty Nein went shopping, Jester stayed with her mother, catching each other up. Marion said she was concerned that where the Nein are going is dangerous, and although she believes Jester is capable of doing anything, she is worried. Jester admitted it's dangerous and she didn't know if they'd come back. Marion said she is proud of her and understands what they're doing is necessary, but made her promise to come home safely, and Jester did so. At the end of their conversation, Marion made her way upstairs to join the Gentleman in his room.

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)[]

Jester, Caleb and Veth teleported to the Evening Nip to reconvene with their families. Jester rushed upstairs to greet her parents, and found they had been sleeping in the same bed. Jester asked if they were "totally in love" and The Gentleman explained they had been catching up on lost time. Jester invited her parents to the Blooming Grove, but they declined. Marion asked if it was safe for her to return to Nicodranas, and Jester said they were still working on it. Marion was fine staying here in Zadash for a little longer, and The Gentleman said she was welcome here as long as needed. Jester whispered to her mother that she was a registered cleric if her services were needed, and Marion pulled her aside for a private conversation, explaining that things are complicated and they still need some time to figure things out. Marion told Jester that this may not work out, and that she needed Jester to be okay with that. Jester agreed, and said as long as Marion is happy, she's happy. Jester agreed to leave her there to finish her business, and that she would be back soon.

After the Campaign[]

Marion at some point returned to the Lavish Chateau and resumed working there. When Uk'otoa was released, Jester warned her via Sending to leave town and go stay with The Gentleman. Marion responded that she could stay with friends, but perhaps not Babenon.[17]

A few years later, Babenon faked his death and joined her in Nicodranas under an assumed identity.[18]

At the very beginning of the apogee solstice of 843 PD sea creatures attacked Nicodranas, and Jester, who had to leave because of a mission, was very concerned about her mother's safety. However, Bluud confirmed that Marion was ok and he would make sure she stayed that way.[19]



Bluud has been Marion's personal bodyguard for a long time. Jester played with him when she was a child.[20]

Jester Lavorre[]

The Ruby and the Sapphire by TehSasquatch

Fan art of Marion Lavorre with her daughter, Jester, by Noah Warner.[art 5]

Jester is Marion's only child. The two of them have lived in the Lavish Chateau for Jester's whole life. Marion loves Jester more than anything and is very proud of her. She kept Jester a secret from her clients because having a child is not good for business. She got Jester books and paints to occupy her time while Marion could not be with her. Marion encouraged Jester's creativity and fun loving nature.

Ever since Jester was sentenced to death, Marion has been trying to get the charges dropped. She has been very free with her money, sending Jester away from Nicodranas with five thousand gold[21] and sending another two hundred gold to Jester later in Zadash.[22]

Marion seemed to be unaware that The Traveler is real and has never seen him. She seems to have thought he was Jester's imaginary friend.[23] She is very proud of Jester for learning magic and going out on adventures.


Marion looked after Nugget from "Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35) until "Homeward Bound" (2x48) while the Mighty Nein were at sea. She seems to have kept Nugget inside Jester's old bedroom and never took him outside due to her agoraphobia.[24] She seemed relieved that Jester Lavorre was taking him with her when the Mighty Nein set out for Felderwin.

Babenon Dosal []

Babenon Dosal aka the Gentleman, is a former lover/fiance of Marion Lavorre. He is also Jester's biological father.

Notable Clients[]

Name Type Description
Starosta Kosh Clearbarker NPC The starosta of Alfield.[25]
Algar Dyomin[26] NPC Former supervisor of the Sluice Weave in Nicodranas.[27]
Lord Robert Sharpe NPC Powerful lord in Nicodranas.[28]

Character Information[]

Notable Items[]


Tiefling Abilities[]

  • Darkvision
  • Hellish Resistance
  • Infernal Legacy
    • Thaumaturgy cantrip[30]

Appearances and mentions[]


Marion in Crit Recap Animated


  • Jester: (discussing how to deal with Algar Dyomin) "Maybe we can get him to fall in love with someone else."
    Marion: "That would be helpful. Though, I don't mean to brag, but good luck."[31]
  • (when asked if she still loves Jester's father) "Love is a funny thing. There's still a part of my heart that will always be his."[32]
  • (response to Jester's Sending spell after the Mighty Nein highjacked The Mist) "Oh! Well, thank you for letting me know, Jester. Be safe, be bright, and make me proud. And come back soon. You and your friends. Goodbye!"[33]
  • "You know not the vengeance I will bring upon you and the army of men, women, and in between, that will do what I tell them to." (warning the Mighty Nein to take care of Jester)[34]
  • Marion (referring to Jester having saved the lives of several members of the Mighty Nein and them saving her): "That's a cycle that some would call, um, I don't know, friendship."
    Beau: "Oh, I was going to say unhealthy. True story. Yeah, um, but friendship."
    Marion: "To be fair, many friendships are not necessarily healthy, but can still be useful.[35]
  • "I've been around a bit longer than most of you really. And I've met many people. Some good, some very bad. If there's one thing I've come to know the good people are easy to be misled to think they're at fault for the things the bad people used to victimize them. It's how they stay in power. If they convince us that we are responsible for every terrible thing that comes upon us, they're absolved......But I've been told enough times in my life that I am responsible for the bad things that befall me. It's taken me this long to know that that's not true." [36]


  • Her name seems to come from the French name Marion, meaning "mistress or lady of the sea".
  • According to her daughter, Marion is, in fact, the best lay ever.[37]

Art gallery[]


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