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The Many Hosts of Igrathad is a loosely united network of seven villages located south of the Sorrowseep Waters in Xhorhas.


The villages that comprise the Many Hosts of Igrathad had for years fought both each other and nomadic tribes from the Iothia Moorland for generations until the Kryn Dynasty brokered an uneasy peace shortly after 735 PD. Relations are still often fraught, with frequent minor territory disputes and arguments, and the Kryn representatives often need to step in to mediate.

Each village is self-governed, typically by a leader who is either hereditary or wins the position via a test of strength. These leaders are each paired with representatives from Rosohna. All fourteen of these leaders and Kryn representatives will at times convene in a public council for major decisions. Disagreements are at times resolved via duel, despite this being against typical Kryn policy.

There is a small Aurora Watch presence, but the size and combat prowess of the residents of the Hosts makes enforcing laws a challenge, although they also tend to deal with crime on their own.

The warrior culture of the Many Hosts has made them a valuable ally to the Dynasty, particularly during times of conflict with the Dwendalian Empire. However, they have also become a significant infiltration point for the Children of Malice.[1]


The seven villages are all connected by paths through the surrounding rocky grassland of the area. Each is culturally distinct, and has its own markets, shrines, temples, inns, and merchant unions.[1]


Kranad is a bugbear village that grew from the Kranad clan, and is primarily made of simple wooden buildings, surrounded by trees.


Broonbobah's population is made up of goblins. The structures are tall so that the residents can see across the plains of the region.


Built around a large, deep iron ore, Aruuth grew from the Aruuth-Uk orc clan. Its buildings are mostly stone.


Oshinik-Ka is also a stone village, with large bunkers giving it a military air. The residents are hobgoblins.


Humanoid outlanders unaffiliated with the tribes of the Iothia Moorland or the Odarami comprise the village of Wrathfall. The buildings are mostly yurts.


The gnoll clan of the same name founded the village of Unyeethi and even among the combative Many Hosts of Igrathad stand out in how much they keep to themselves. Their buildings are small huts made from bark, fur, and bone.


Dodafir is a fortress made of logs, bark, and thatch, and is home to the hill giants. It is the southernmost village of the Many Hosts of Igrathad.


Igrathad is 41% goblinkin (goblins, bugbears, and hobgoblins); 19% orcs; 15% non-goblinkin humanoids; and 25% other races, notably hill giants.[1]



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