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The Manual of Gainful Exercise is a magical book that increases one reader's Strength.


The book is bound in reddish-brown leather and features an intricate design on the cover, but no title is visible.[2] If a person spends 48 hours reading the entire book, over a period of no more than 6 days, then it will increase their Strength score and their potential maximum strength by 2. After it is read in this manner, the book loses its magic, but regains it in a hundred years.[1]


The Mighty Nein acquired the book during a heist of the Tumblecarve residence in Uthodurn, the original intent being to retrieve a special ring for Ava Endlewood of the Plexis Post. Caleb initially gave it to Fjord,[3] and Fjord later gifted the book to Yasha Nydoorin upon her liberation from Obann.[4] Over the next few days, she read the book in Rexxentrum and finally finished it in The Xhorhaus just prior to the initial attempt to restore Nott to her halfling form. Upon finishing it, Yasha's Strength score increased from 17 to 19.[5]

The book's magic is currently expended and recharging, and as of "High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99) it was still in Yasha's possession.


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