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A manticore is a large, magical monster with the body of a lion, dragon-like wings, and a somewhat humanoid head. Its long tail has a cluster of deadly spikes, which the creature can launch at its foes as weapons. It has dagger-like claws and fangs.[1]

Manticore and child - KageSatsuki

Fan art of the manticore and her/his child, by KageSatsuki.[art 2]


Tail Spike regrowth: The manticore's twenty-four tail spikes grow back after a long rest.


  • Multiattack: The manticore can make three attacks.
  • Bite: The manticore can bite with its giant, toothy maw.
  • Claw: The manticore can attack with its dagger-like claws.
  • Tail Spike: The manticore can make a ranged attack with its tail spikes.[1]

Known manticores[]

A manticore guarded the Vault of Shumas until Arkhan the Cruel dominated him using the Wreath of the Prism and named him Changó.[2]

The manticore who appeared in "Hush" (2x07) was a female. She had large red-brown leathery wings, and fur that covered her rhinoceros-sized, lion-like body. Massive and muscled, she had giant, clawed paws, a thick, red, fiery mane of hair around the neck, a long tail of thick spines, and a dark tanned humanoid face with a large, curled grin in a mouth that hung open with rows of sharp teeth. She had with her a manticore infant whose eyes had not yet opened.[3]


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