Mancubus the Mancubus is a Mancubus Champion in service of Deag Grav created for the Doom Eternal One-Shot. Mancubus the Mancubus is played by Laura Bailey.

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Mancubus has a number of combat abilities, its infernal constitution deflecting projectiles and retarding fire. As a hulking and fatty creature, it has the highest hitpoints among the Champions and protective natural armor. Its arm-cannons allow it to blast humans with fire from a distance and occasionally release gouts of flame in front of it.

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  • Flamethrower: A torrent of flames is unleashed from Mancubus' arm-cannons, forcing its enemies to make a Dexterity saving throw or be burned horribly[2].
  • Heavy Cannons: Mancubus fires its arm-cannons twice as an action, attacking a target within 30 feet or up to 60 feet at disadvantage[3].
  • Infernal Leap: Mancubus can leap up to 30 feet in any direction to a point it can see as part of its movement, capable of leaping onto a catwalk[4] or away from danger[5].
  • Summon Advanced Demon: Opening a portal to hell's armies, Mancubus unleashes a bloodthirsty Pinky on its enemies[6].

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  • Despite being a Champion of Hell, Mancubus does not have the UAC's cyber-augmentations which would make it an upgraded Cyber-Mancubus with more protective external armor.

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