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Maledicta Hexos is a female spirit naga, follower of Zehir, and the leader of an army that aimed to invade Syngorn.


By 812 PD or 836 PD,[3] Hexos had come out from below the Stormcrest Mountains and rallied the lizardfolk tribe near the Vues'dal Waters in the name of Zehir. They formed an army that intends to overrun Vues'dal and invade Syngorn. Her forces eventually included several hydras and a night hag as her lieutenant. At some point, Hexos came into possession of one of the Astural Scrolls looted from Wrettis, which granted her supernatural powers.[1]

Character information[]


Hexos is in possession of one of the Astural Scrolls,[1] notes written by the mad arcanist Clemain Astural,[4] that granted her uncanny cosmic powers.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Maledicta Hexos is a spirit naga,[1] the typical version of which is described on p. 235 of the Monster Manual or in the Basic Rules for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.[2] The Astural Scroll in Hexos's possession grants her additional, uncanny cosmic powers.[1]



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