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The Mahaan houses are the nobility of the Oderan Wilds that oversee and manage the region. They are centralized in Jrusar, with upper members of the Mahaan living in the Aerie Spire, but they are present in other cities in the Wilds.[1][2] There are dozens of houses,[1] and nine individuals from various houses are members of the largely anonymous Chandei Quorum.[3][4]

Ariks Eshteross believes that some in the Mahaan houses are doing as much they can to protect the people of Jrusar but others are "insidious" in their pursuit of power and abuse it.[5] The houses are often targeted by the Hubatt Corsairs,[6] who seek to expose the identies of the Quorum.[7]

Known members[]

  • House Aranda, the house of Gavis Aranda, the Face of the Chandei Quorum, and owner of the Guild of Beautification[8]
  • House Dayal,[9] primarily focused on education and established the Dayal Hall. Includes Ajit Dayal[10]
  • House Duman, owner of the Variant Coinstores of Duman,[11] whose emblem was changed twenty years ago[12]
  • House Kade, a minor house new to Jrusar currently allied with House Treshi,[13] with roots in livestock raising in the Taloned Highlands under the Stratos Throne.[14]
  • House Lumas, employers of Oshad Breshio[15]
  • House Maysoon, owner of the Mahaan Maysoon Trading Company and producer of maps[16]
  • House Seshadri, a mid-level house that focuses on livestock and beasts of burden[17]
  • House Treshi,[18] owner of three guilds,[19] led by Armand Treshi,[citation needed] who is also believed to be a member of the Chandei Quorum, and three others[20]


  • "Mahaan" is likely derived from the similarly pronounced Gujarati adjective for "great" (મહાન, mahān or mahāna).[21]


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