Lyrengorn (from the elvish lyren’gorn, for "mountain city") is a small elven city atop the Elvenpeaks in the Cliffkeep Mountains, in the northern reaches of Tal'Dorei. Although it appears frozen and lifeless from above, beneath the canopy is a warm, humid, tropical environment teeming with game and flowers. It has maintained its independence and its neutrality since the time of Warren Drassig.[1]

Moonweaver's Ribbons

Lyrengorn is known for its "northern lights." Each year, dozens of travelers from across the continent trek to the city for the winter solstice to witness the wood elf skyswimmers riding on wyvernback, pulling and shaping the "Moonweaver's Ribbons" behind them and illuminating the sky with multicolored light. It is part of a ritual headed by the high priestess of the moon to purify the city and give the wild elves long life.[2]


A sizable group of dark elf refugees of persecution elsewhere on the continent live in peace among the wood elves in Lyrengorn.[3] As of 812 PD, Lyrengorn was a small city with a population of 5,430 made up of wood elves (85%), high elves (10%), dark elves (3%), dwarves (1%) and humans (1%).[1]



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