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The Lucidian Ocean is a large body of water to the southeast of Tal'Dorei and south of Wildemount, containing the Shattered Teeth and the Swavain Islands.


Due in part to the several reefs of the Menagerie Coast and to the magically generated storms of the Diver's Grave, the waters of the Lucidian Ocean are often treacherous, which makes it more difficult for trade to reach Wildemount or the eastern shore of Tal'Dorei.[14] An expansive, persistent fog bank called the Fool's Curtain makes transit to and from the Shattered Teeth hazardous.

Since the Calamity, the ocean has been connected to the Frigid Depths to the north by the particularly hazardous Shearing Channel.[15]

Notable locations[]

Fool's Curtain[]

Main article: Fool's Curtain

A large, persistent, and dangerous fog bank around the Shattered Teeth.

Shattered Teeth[]

Main article: Shattered Teeth

The remains of the continent of Domunas, this major archipelago of 43 shifting islands is now relatively isolated and mostly split between two societies, the Ossended Host and the Wanderman Assembly.

Swavain Islands[]

Main article: Swavain Islands

An archipelago southwest of the coast of Wildemount, the Swavain Islands are mostly controlled by the Clovis Concord out of the Menagerie Coast. The exception is Darktow Isle, headquarters of the Revelry.[16]

Island of Viscan[]

Main article: Island of Viscan

The Island of Viscan can be found in the southern Lucidian Ocean,[17] though exactly where in relation to the continents is still uncertain, except that it's not close to other landmasses.[18][19] As of 811 PD it has been uninhabited for centuries and is believed to be cursed.[20]

Diver's Grave[]

Main article: Diver's Grave

Though lacking landmarks at the water's surface, this area is known for its rough waters and unusual frequency of fierce storms,[21] thanks at least in part to the underwater ritual site inhabited by a sea fury named Dashilla. The sea bed of the Diver's Grave forms a valley around 700 feet below the surface of the ocean that is littered with numerous shipwrecks.[22]


Main article: Everplume

Off the Menagerie Coast, this massive underwater volcano is charged with fiery elemental energy that warps the nearby fauna. Located in the midst of the Torrid Reef southeast of the Shearing Channel, it is recognized from the surface of the sea by a column of black smoke rising from underneath the water into the sky.


As of 836 PD, merfolk are known to live in enclaves in the waters off the Menagerie Coast, where they trade with the secluded civilizations of sea elves.[5] Orly Skiffback suggested that the perils of the Diver's Grave could include mermaids and "other such dangers."[23] The Diver's Grave is inhabited by a population of merrow.[24]

There are countless small communities of sahuagin in the Lucidian Ocean along the Menagerie Coast.[7] An untrained militia mostly composed of shark hunters protects Palma Flora from sahuagin, including the small clan in the nearby Sharkfeather Abyss that has been at odds with the village for generations.[25]

The influence of the leviathan Uk'otoa has changed the social dynamics of some of the sahuagin of that region: he calls out to the most ambitious and bloody-minded sahuagin in their dreams, offering them power. The magic items and innate spellcasting he grants help to draw other sahuagin to their cause (typically: bringing down the Clovis Concord), but these warlocks eventually become little more than puppets for their master.[7]


The final battles of the Calamity caused massive tidal surges in the Lucidian Ocean that obliterated the civilizations of its islands and coastal areas, allowing tropical jungles to reclaim the land. Only the most accomplished sailors survived, and as a coalescing group they began to call themselves the Ki'Nau (meaning "Water Children" in Naush). They struggled against predatory creatures from deep in the Lucidian Ocean, but eventually Uk'otoa offered them protection in exchange for worship, and they accepted. Around 400 PD, traders from Marquet made contact and started trade relations, and when another seafaring people called the Vukan launched a series of raids on the Ki'Nau, Marquesian guilds and especially Uk'otoa wiped out the Vukan. Uk'otoa wanted to dominate the Marquesians who were building outposts in the region, but secret cultists of Zehir—including a cult leader within the Allegiance of Allsight archaeological guild—conspired to corrupt temples of Uk'otoa and seal the leviathan. The Marquesians soon demanded and were granted independence from Ank'Harel, and together with the Ki'Nau gradually formed the Clovis Concord, which would control the Lucidian Ocean. Around 795 PD, a pirate alliance called the Revelry formed and began to challenge the Clovis Concord's rule of the ocean.[26]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

The Mighty Nein Reunited[]


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