Exandria As Centered Around the Lucidian Ocean

The Lucidian Ocean was a large body of water to the east of Tal'Dorei that separated it from Wildemount. The waters of the Lucidian Ocean were often treacherous, causing trade to be limited between Wildemount and the other continents, which created a steep hike in the prices of goods.[1]

Notable Locations

Swavain Islands

Main article: Swavain Islands.

An archipelago southwest of the coast of Wildemount, the Swavain Islands are mostly controlled by the Clovis Concord out of the Menagerie Coast. The exception is Darktow Isle, headquarters of The Revelry. [2]

Island of Viscan

Main article: Island of Viscan.

The Island of Viscan can be found in the southern Lucidian Ocean,[3] though exactly where in relation to the continents is still uncertain, except that it's not close to other landmasses.[4][5] It has been uninhabited for centuries and is believed to be cursed.[6]


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