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The Lucid Bastion is the court of the three ruling dens of the Kryn Dynasty, and home of the Bright Queen, Leylas Kryn. Located on the central hill of the capital city of Rosohna, the Bastion serves as the center of religion and government for the Dynasty. The first Luxon Beacon to be discovered by the Kryn is housed within the Bastion.[1]

Building Description[]


The Lucid Bastion is a daunting and impressive cathedral, with spires of gray quartz that tower over the city of Rosohna.[1] It is surrounded by a perimeter wall made of a dull gray-purple type stone, and, across the crest of it, there are lanterns alight with a soft, green glow.[2]


Bright Queen's Throne - Kent Davis

Fan art of the Bright Queen's throne, by Kent Davis.[art 2]

The Bastion houses the Cathedral of the Bright Queen, a massive octagonal throne room made of semi-opaque gray stone, about 120 to 150 feet across and 200 feet high. The ceiling of the chamber rises to a gradual point like an inverse pyramid, with harsh edges and elongated jagged ridges that cut upward along the surface like climbing ice. At the highest peak of the room, there is a ten-foot sphere suspended by heavy white chains emanating a bright white light. The room contains a lifted dais, and on top of that are three more elevated platforms with staircases leading up to them. The central raised platform is higher than the other two. It has a heavy wide staircase that ascends up to the top, where there are five chairs. In the center, one massive, bright white crystal throne rises about 13 feet from its base. Before it is a bright platinum wireframe depiction of a Luxon Beacon on a waist-high pillar.[3]

Adjacent to the throne room is an antechamber, where parties waiting to speak with the Bright Queen are kept. The room is about 20 feet across, with a small fountain in the center. Three metallic cups rest on the lip of the fountain. There are black stone benches on either side of the chamber.[4]

Lucid Bastion by Son of Joxer

Fan art of the Lucid Bastion's interior, by Son of Joxer.[art 3]

The halls in the interior of the Lucid Bastion are carved from semi-translucent gray quartz. There are pillars about every 20 feet down the length of the hallways. The walls are about 30 to 40 feet tall, and come to an arched point at the top. There are sconces that are affixed to the ceiling, where a simple white chain suspends blue luminous orbs, which illuminate the halls with a beautiful ethereal light, giving the space a dreamlike quality.[5]

Within a subterranean floor of the Bastion is a silver-inlaid teleportation circle about 25 feet in diameter, where parties travelling to the citadel via translocation arrive.[6]


The Lucid Bastion was built on the ruins of the Calamity-era Virkwzual ("Dark Bastion" in Infernal).[7] The Bastion serves as a symbol of Kryn rebirth and faith in the Luxon.[1]

Notable People[]



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