Map of Wildemount with the Lotusden Greenwood shaded dark green with dark red outlining

The Lotusden Greenwood is vast, leafy forest along the southern portion of the Ashkeeper Peaks on the eastern (Xhorhasian) side of the mountains, and is surrounded by somewhat swampy land.[1]


The Lotusden is considered a very dangerous forest holding unbridled corrupted fae magic.[2] It is a darkened wood that is uncharacteristic of the more parched regions of northern Xhorhas.The woods are dark and dense, and myths and tales speak of regions of it that are cursed, where the woods themselves move and shift without notice, as well as other dangers and creatures that call it home.[3]

At its northern edge lies the druidic enclave of Charis. There are occasional tensions between the native Lotusden halflings and the more recently arrived dragonborn refugees from the destruction of Draconia.[4]

Mouldered Grove

In the center of the Mouldered Grove sits the Wraithroot tree.[5]

The Wraithroot tree It is a region of leafless deadwoods, where the bark bites.[6]

Notable Locations


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