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The Lotusden Greenwood is vast, leafy forest along the southern portion of the Ashkeeper Peaks on the eastern (Xhorhasian) side of the mountains. It is surrounded by swampland.[2]


The Lotusden is considered a very dangerous forest, home of uncontrolled, corrupted fey magic.[3] It is a darkened wood, unlike those of the more arid regions of northern Xhorhas. The woods are dense, and myths and tales speak of regions of it that are cursed, where the woods themselves move and shift without notice.[4]

The forest is fertile and misty, filled with carnivorous plants and enormous creatures. There is an ancient druidic fane buried within the forest that has caused some of this unnatural growth.[1]

At its northern edge lies the druidic enclave of Charis, a city of Lotusden halflings and the more recently arrived dragonborn refugees who fled the destruction of Draconia.[5]

Notable Locations

Mouldered Grove

In the center of the Mouldered Grove, a region of leafless deadwoods, sits the Wraithroot Tree. When Caduceus communed with The Wildmother, she told him to "beware the bark that bites."[6] The adventure hook Mother's Milk in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount implies this may be the location of the lair of a coven of hags.[1]

Fan art of the Mighty Nein in the Lotusden Greenwood, by Blake Schulte.[art 2]



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