"Lost & Found" (2x13) is the thirteenth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein deal with the fallout from the night’s events, working to repair the fraying edges of the Knights of Requital and learning how to trust their own team...

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Previously on Critical Role Edit

So last we left off, the Mighty Nein had gotten themselves involved in a number of various factions in the city of Zadash and decided to buy in to aid the Knights of Requital in their attempt to get one of the various powerful lords of the city and the High-Richter, both seemingly corrupt individuals, ousted. [They] had planned forgeries that [they] were going to place in their homes at night during an offsite gala in the Tri-Spires, not too far from where your breaking and entering was to occur.

Bringing Ulog along, one of the members of the Knights of Requital, [they] snuck into Lord Sutan's house, managed to avoid a number of the pitfalls, traps, and contents within, going straight to the bedroom, where [they] battled the Rug of Smothering, knocking a couple of you out, but found within a couple of interesting items that [they] gathered, and the wax seal [they] needed to complete the forgeries to make this loop come together.

From there, [they] immediately went across over to the High-Richter's home. [They] managed to-- well, the two of [them] managed to obscure [themselves] to look like the High-Richter and one of her guards, went right into the abode. The rest of [the Mighty Nein] met from the outside, and within the interior of the bedroom, [they] discovered Ulog had found papers that proved that his wife was innocent and that the High-Richter was basically making an example out of her, as well as discovering a scroll case that led to a brief confrontation.

After placing the document required, you went to leave right as the High-Richter seemed to have arrived. She had a seemingly confident demeanor as she rung the bell for her guards, and at that moment, Ulog, realizing that this was his chance to get vengeance when no one else was taking a stand, rushed her, placed a bead within her mouth that caused a Fireball to detonate, killing them both, destroying most of the torso of the High-Richter and Ulog together. At that point, [the Mighty Nein] began to radically find a way to flee; the window shattered out from the gable windows at the top floor. [They] heard the guards trying to bash in the front door to make their way in.

After fleeing outside, [they] heard this strange sound as this large, dark sphere seemed to emerge from the distant Zauber Spire of the Hall of Erudition. It seemed to collapse in itself, causing the base of the tower to lose structure, and it began to tip over, stopping midway, seemingly by some sort of force field holding it in place. [The Mighty Nein] watched as two darkened figures leapt from the tower, while two other ones began to glide off the top of the tower, firing bolts of energy in various forms of magical attack in their direction. Using the chaos, [they] all fled through the night, darkness, back towards the sewers where [they] came.

[Beauregard] managed to watch one of the two dark figures be slaughtered on the street and be gathered by some shaded, older figure who was one of the flying mages who was giving chase. [They] all ducked down into the sewer system, and began to notice a trail of blood amongst the dried sewer run. Putting some lights up ahead of [them] at this intersection, which [they] had been previously before, [they] immediately noticed there was a darkened figure of black leather armor with various horns and hooks at the joints, chitinous insect-like in its appearance. The creature seemed to notice your presence and called out in a language you couldn't understand. In an attempt to cast a spell to understand the language, the creature seemed to deem it as an aggressive stance and then rushed [them]. And that's where we left off...

Part I Edit

C2E13 Bait and Switch

Fan art of Nott distracting the citizens of Zadash while Caleb sneaks away with the real dodecahedron, by Elaine Tipping.[art 1]

The Mighty Nein fight and eventually subdue the drow. They strip him of his armor and his effects. Among his inventory is dodecahedron and quite a bit of platinum coin. The drow, under the influence of Molly's Devil's Tongue, informs the group that he and his companion had just stolen the dodecahedron and intended to take it back to his people. He refers to the artifact as "the beacon", and informs them that it originally belonged to his people, but it was stolen from them. His people need the beacon to be "rebirthed."

After much deliberation, The Mighty Nein decide to give the drow his armor and the beacon, and let him go. Moments after they do so, they hear the crownsguard kill him farther down the sewer.

The Mighty Nein resurface in the Tri-Spire to find the crownsguard marching both the body of the drow and the beacon to the King's Hall. As they march, Jester trips the guard holding the beacon, and a disguised Caleb manages to sneak the beacon away.

The party splits - Fjord and Beau to search for the Knights of Requital and the rest to The Leaky Tap. Fjord and Beau find Horris and Dolan at their home and break the news of Ulog's death to them. They convince Dolan to stay in the city to see the plot through while Horris will go to Alfield and lay low.

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Part II Edit

While Caleb hunkers down in the cellar of The Leaky Tap with the beacon, Fjord, Molly, Jester, and Beau confront Nott over her and Caleb's inability to trust the group and work as a team. Nott says that everything she does is for Caleb's benefit, as she knows he will do great things one day. She views him as a son and only wants what is best for him. The party is taken aback at this, but they assure Nott that if they can learn to be a part of the group, they will protect both Caleb and Nott.

During the night, Caleb has a dream that he is being pulled through space. Around him are many versions of himself, and they all begin to walk in different directions. He wakes feeling very rested.

Fjord accompanies Horris to the city gates only to find that the crownsguard are interviewing everyone leaving the city. They decide to find another way for Horris to leave.

The Mighty Nein visit Pumat Sol to obtain a lead-lined box and other needed items.

In order to gain new leads, the party went to The Evening Nip in search of The Gentleman. After gaining access to the secret, underground bar, they met a tabaxi woman. The tabaxi instantly recognized Molly, called him "Lucien," and proceeded to hug him.

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Inventory Edit

Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Acquired 116 platinum Thuron Mighty Nein
Acquired 12 gold
Acquired 1 sword
Acquired 1 sheath
Acquired 3 dagger
Acquired 1 pair of black boots
Acquired 1 dodecahedron Caleb
Expended 1 gold Beau Song and Supper Inn
Acquired 1 backpack with coin Dolan's house Fjord 628 gold, 21 silver 302 copper
Acquired 1 small sack with coin
Transferred 19 platinum Mighty Nein Fjord
Transferred 2 gold
Transferred 19 platinum Beau
Transferred 2 gold
Transferred 19 platinum Molly
Transferred 2 gold
Transferred 19 platinum Jester
Transferred 2 gold
Transferred 19 platinum Nott
Transferred 2 gold
Transferred 1 longsword
Transferred 1 pair of boots
Transferred 3 daggers
Transferred 20 platinum Caleb
Transferred 2 gold
Transferred 1 scroll case Nott Caleb
Transferred 1 potion of healing
Converted 1 scroll case Caleb 2 scrolls
Transferred 1 Tusk Love Jester Horris
Expended 1 gold Jester Sparkhammer Smithing
Expended 6 silver
Transferred 1 Sending Stone Caleb Jester
Acquired 1 lead incased box The Invulnerable Vagrant Caleb
Acquired 1 scroll for Hold Person Caleb buys Shocking Grasp but can't transcribe it and it is changed in the next episode
Acquired 1 scroll for Shield spell
Acquired 2 healing potion Fjord
Acquired 1 healing potion Beau
Acquired 1 healing potion Molly
Acquired 1 healing potion Jester
Relinquished 1 platinum flask Nott The Invulnerable Vagrant given to set a enchantment on
Expended 250 gold
Expended 290 gold Caleb
Expended 50 gold Beau
Expended 50 gold Molly
Expended 50 gold Jester
Expended 10 platinum Fjord
Transferred 1 dodecahedron Caleb Jester
Transferred 1 lead incased box
Transferred 1 longsword Nott Fjord
Transferred 1 pair of boots Beau

Quotations Edit

  • Laura: "Oh, I *am* the inventory person. Shit..."
  • Molly: "I don't know anything - it's part of my charm!"
  • Beau: "Stay in school!" (Beau trying to keep a pair of teenagers away from Caleb and the Beacon)
  • Caleb: "This beyond comprehension, even. And the desire to get it back is going to be great."
  • Caleb: "It's probably driving you crazy." (talking with the skull of "Yorick")
  • Molly: "With a group like this of very untrustworthy people - we're untrustworthy people - you've got to trust each other. 'Cause you have to trust somebody. You can't trust not anybody, 'cause then you're just alone." (Molly encouraging Nott to be more of a part of the group)
  • Nott: "It's my job to protect him because I love him. And I am his protector. Not because he protects me." (Nott reveals that she is a parent to Caleb, rather than the other way around)
  • Fjord: "Have you not been to The Invulnerable Gentleclerk?"
  • Pumat: "Oh, it's gotta be fiction. But it's *good* fiction!" (Pumat's review of Tary's book)
  • Taliesin: "You fuckers don't know shit." (about Molly's backstory)

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first time a character from Campaign 1 has been mentioned in Campaign 2.[1]
  • Sam's giant flask bears a message saying "Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortles" in this episode.

References Edit

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  1. Fan art of Nott distracting the citizens of Zadash while Caleb sneaks away with the real dodecahedron, by Elaine Tipping (source).  Used with permission.