The Lord of the Quadroads is an unnamed stranger encountered by Grog in Vasselheim.  As an NPC, the Lord of the Quadroads is played by Matthew Mercer.

"Lord of the Quadroads" is the cast's unofficial name for him. It is worth noting that, according to Matt, "there are many lords and ladies of the Quadroads, he's just now one of them."[1]

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Grog encountered this man during his one-year break, in an alleyway of the Quadroads in Vasselheim. The man was very drunk. Grog, looking for someone to test the potentially dangerous Deck of Many Things in his possession, convinced this stranger to pull a card. The man pulled the Queen of Diamonds, which granted him two wishes; he immediately used one wish to become "a powerful lord of the Quadroads." He then ran off, still with one more wish at his disposal[1].

The stranger has not been heard from since; it is unknown whether he has maintained his station or even whether he is still alive. Grog and Scanlan did go looking for him during a later visit to Vasselheim, but were diverted by guards before they could make any inquiries[2].

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Grog Strongjaw Edit

Grog was arguably responsible for this man's elevation from a common drunkard to lordship. As such, Grog is hopeful that he might be owed a favor—possibly the remaining wish. However, since the lord heard Grog's name as "Grog Strongthings" and was very drunk at the time, this may be too optimistic on Grog's part.

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  • Grog: "Hey, do you have like, a wife, kids, attachments? Anyone that would miss you?"
    Stranger: "You think if I did I'd be drinking this hard?"[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Liam joked that the Lord's real name is "Taliesin Jaffe".

References Edit

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