"Loose Ends" (1x84) is the fifteenth episode of the sixth chapter of Critical Role. In a rare moment of peace, Vox Machina checks on Emon, fulfills a promise, and meets up with an old acquaintance.

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"The party, Vox Machina, has been combating the horrible, terrible influence of the Chroma Conclave, a group of chromatic dragons that had been terrorizing the countryside of Tal'Dorei, occupying the city of Emon, Westruun, and places beyond. They've managed to kill off all the members of the Conclave leading up to Raishan, the orchestrator behind the scenes of most of the chaos that they've seen in recent months.

"Raishan managed to nearly destroy Vox Machina before absconding with the corpse of Thordak, apparently into the next portion of her plot. The party, upon running into an old friend—Kerrek from Westruun, who had helped in the attack on Emon—joined forces to give chase in hopes [...] to head her off at the pass and prevent Raishan from seeing to fruition whatever plan she had after this leg.

"Through a series of very well-placed scries, [they] discovered that she had absconded to the Island of Viscan, an old lair of Thordak's and before that an older lair of Opash, an ancient necromancer who was banished and made that his demesne. As [the party] made [their] way to the island, hopefully prepared for this, [they] fought through various traps and difficult challenges throughout this necromancer's sanctum, eventually coming into battle with Raishan herself.

"A long, hard-fought battle left Percy and Scanlan both lifeless [on] the ground. Percy was risen quickly, Scanlan unfortunately was not, and the final blow [to Raishan was] delivered [by] a combination of both Keyleth, tearing the intellect from Raishan through a well-placed Feeblemind spell, and Kerrek, with a well-placed warhammer blow to the head of the green dragon.

"The dragon destroyed, however their friend Scanlan still lifeless and still growing colder as the minutes passed. [They] picked up his body and [they] fled the cavern to the outside of the island after discovering that teleportation, or at least magic of transport, had some sort of an alteration or a...funkiness to it, if you will. [Vox Machina] watched as two of [their] allies, Kima and Allura, were—instead of teleporting away through a circle—sent deep out into the ocean. [Keyleth] managed to find them through a very lucky Perception roll.

"[Keyleth] was able to connect [her] Transport via Plants through one of the outside trees by the beach to get [them] all to Whitestone. There [they] took Scanlan's body to the recently-constructed temple to the Raven Queen, and in preparing for this ritual the Gate Stone was taken by Vex who, with the help of the Realmseer, Eskil Ryndarien, transported to Kymal, made [her] way through the riffraff to one of the darkened taverns there to find Kaylie, Scanlan's daughter; long-estranged, rambunctious daughter, but daughter nonetheless. [Vex] handed her the Gate Stone and she vanished in a puff of arcane smoke, leaving [Vex] and Eskil—Eskil more confused than her—within the tavern."[1]

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Fan art of Kaylie playing the violin for her part in Scanlan's resurrection ritual, by advocatingAvian.[art 1]

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  • Matt: (laughing) Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight’s episode of Critical– fuck you, Liam! Fuck you!

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  1. Fan art of Kaylie playing the violin for her part in Scanlan's resurrection ritual, by advocatingAvian (source).  Used with permission.

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