Depiction of a Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk are a race of humanoids.


Once called Kuul’tevir, they were noble masters of the earth and sky, created in the image of the first dragons. They built cities with magic nearly on par with those of the elves. Their furnaces burned so hot their blood turned cold, and the powers granted to them by the gods were so great that their skin turned to scales. In those times, they were regarded as the epitome of warrior-priests. However, as a result of centuries of violent and selfish pursuits during the Age of Arcanum, their cities turned to rubble, their magic was forgotten, and their god-empress was succeeded by a cabal of warlocks.

Many lizardfolk were so desperate to escape the K’Tawl Swamp that they chose to be dominated by the Cinder King. During their occupation of Emon, they once again tasted their ancestors’ glory, but it has again turned to ash. The few surviving lizardfolk kingdoms are led by warlocks who get their power from demons and immortal spirit nagas, handing over their their souls in a hope to emerge once more from the swamps and conquer Tal'Dorei[1]

As of 835 PD, lizardfolk still battled with yuan-ti for control of Urukayxl, an island with a temple once devoted to Uk'otoa and later taken over by worshipers of Zehir.


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