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Livestock are domesticated creatures kept and bred for labor or commodities, such as food. They were typically kept in pens or on farms.[1]



In Tal'Dorei, livestock was exported from the Dividing Plains[2] and the Bladeshimmer Shoreline[3] and imported to the Lucidian Coast,[4] the Alabaster Sierras,[5] the Cliffkeep Mountains,[6] and the Stormcrest Mountains.[7] In the Dividing Plains, plainscow were sometimes used as livestock.[8]

In Kraghammer, livestock was kept in pens called the Pig Pits.[9] In Emon, livestock, including cattle, horses, and sheep, were contained in the north end of the city. In 812 PD, a roc was snatching away cows on a nightly basis until Vox Machina intervened.[10]


In 836 PD, while the Mighty Nein investigated the town of Alfield after a gnoll attack, Beauregard Lionett asked Wachmaster Bryce Feelid if the gnolls stole any livestock. Feelid was not aware but promised to look into it.[11]

In Felderwin, notes in the Brenatto Apothecary detailed experiments with dunamancy, including witnessed reports of people and livestock moving at faster or slower rates within parts of the city.[12]

Asarius contained livestock pens. Livestock in Asarius included pigs and large aurochs.[13] Rosohna kept livestock that included chickens.[14]

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