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Little Mister (also called simply Mister) is a wildfire spirit and the companion of Fearne Calloway. He takes the form of a De Brazza's monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus).[7]



Little Mister - Hannah Friederichs

Official art of Little Mister, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 2]

Little Mister takes the shape of a monkey whose mouth is a gaping furnace, burning anything that he decides to eat.[8]


Little Mister has a personality similar to Fearne's and loves to eat a lot. His nature is somewhat childish and likes to pull pranks, especially on Dariax.



Fearne remembered standing at the edge of Thordak's Crater in one of her earliest adventures (one week before the events of the series[9]), staring into the ground and seeing the seething, roiling energy and potential. She jammed her hand into the earth and felt flame licking around it, and as she pulled her hand free unharmed, the fire spirit that she held and brought into being looked at her, smiled, and resolved into Little Mister.[10]

Exandria Unlimited[]

"The Oh No Plateau" (E1x02)
Once Little Mister got to the plateau, he began to actively consume the ash in the air, causing the yellow-orange glow in his mouth to turn red-purple.[11] As the group reached the center, Mister stepped on the sigil mark, transforming into a fire elemental. Dorian using Dissonant Whispers pushed him away from the sigil that seemingly was a source of power. Little Mister dissolved into a small fire elemental approximating Little Mister's monkey form.[12] He was later restored to his monkey form by Fearne.

When Fearne encountered her dark version in the Verdant Expanse, she also had a fire elemental companion, but unlike Mister, it was more monster-like.

Later in the adventure, when the adventuring group was fighting against a huge arcane entity, Little Mister fell unconscious, and when the battle was over, Fearne reached him and cast Cure Wounds, creating a flame that revitalized her dear elemental companion.

Campaign Three[]

Little Mister was summoned in "On the Trail of a Killer" (3x04). He ate Dorian's breakfast sandwich, and became jealous of Pâté de Rolo.[13]

Mister travelled with Bells Hells during their missions in Marquet. When they were in Bassuras, Fearne took an interest in the local technology and tried to buy a small firearm for Little Mister. However, the woman she asked, Esmer Balenta, refused to sell such a weapon to an animal made of fire. Fearne would eventually give Mister a small throwing dart when they visited the armory of the Seat of Disdain.

Fearne's goodbye - Lyadrielle

Fan art of Fearne's death, by Lyadrielle.[art 3]

Before the adventuring party left the city, they fought Otohan Thull, and Mister helped in the battle, attacking, teleporting and delivering Fearne's spells when she wasn't able to. However, when the wildfire druid was killed her companion disappeared, eventually coming back after she was resurrected.

After Bells Hells went to Whitestone to resurrect Laudna and ended up Astral Projecting to a shadowy realm to separate her soul from that of Delilah Briarwood, Fearne summoned Little Mister, whose astral form appeared as a ball of fire, akthough still sounding and acting like a monkey. While in the city-state, Fearne talked to Percival de Rolo about her wish of acquiring a gun for Mister, and although the lord was initially perplexed, he ended up giving him a toy pop-gun made by himself that had originally belonged to one of his children.

Little Mister used his new gun for the first time during Bells Hells' journey to Yios, when they fought a chimera that was attacking their skyship. Later in the same journey, when the adventurers visited Zha'Vrollo (a temple in the Gloomed Jungles) Chetney Pock O'Pea was transformed into a monstrous wolf by Sahyaadon (a spirit worshipped by the Gorgynei) as part of a trial to improve his control over his lycanthropy; Little Mister was part of the fight against the werewolf, but his physical form was destroyed by one of Chetney's attacks. The next morning (after the trial was successfully completed) Mister was with Bells Hells again, and he encouraged Laudna while she was practicing how to cast Fireball.

In the Aydinlan Seminary, when Ludinus Da'leth entered Kadija Sumal's office, Fearne, noticing the potential danger for her, Imogen and the professor, summoned Mister as a precaution. Later the same day, after Bells Hells were sent to the Fey Realm, Fearne reunited with her grandmother in Ligament Manor and introduced Mister to her, calling him her son just like she had done with her own parents weeks before; she repeated the same type of introduction when she met Dr. Nesbitt, but wildfire spirit and the fey bird took an immediate dislike to each other, which (among other things) caused Fearne to send Nesbitt back home to make sure he was safe.

When Bells Hells were about to leave the Feywild through a portal, its guardian, Terrosh, asked for payment, pointing to Mister's small rifle as a desirable item. However, Fearne managed to deal with him without handing over her companion's weapon.

During the battle against Ludinus Da'leth's forces in the Tishtan excavation site the Voice of the Tempest arrived to help Bells Hells, being immediately ambushed by Otohan Thull. Orym tried to defend his leader by destroying the device that allowed the leader of Paragon's Call to summon her echoes, and in an attempt to help, both Fearne and Little Mister shot fire into that same machine (the wildfire spirit using his gun), but they missed.

Little Mister - Clara

Fan art of Little Mister, by Clara.[art 4]

A few days later, after Fearne, FCG, Imogen and Chetney were transported to Wildemount, they visited Uthodurn and confronted a bull that was on the loose in the Grand Disk. As a precaution, the druid summoned Little Mister, although when the wildfire spirit shrieked in excitement, like he normally did, the group hushed him, since they didn't want to be noticed by the monster yet.[14] The next day, when Bells Hells were fighting dangerous insects in Oltgar's toy shop, Fearne summoned Mister again; they both played a bit with the toys, putting them in sexual positions, but when the group encountered an adult craskkalid, both the druid and her wildfire spirit attacked it with fire.[15]

When the group traveled to the Savalirwood they fought a bog wretch and a group of pixies. Mister joined the battle, trying to fire at the bigger monster while it was restrained by the druid's magic, but missing.[16] Later, in the ruins of Molaesmyr, he also joined Fearne in a battle against some restless ghosts.[17]

A few days later Bells Hells reunited in Jrusar and while they were doing errands in the city, Chetney was attacked by a bounty hunter who captured him with a silver net.[18] Fearne and Orym defended their friend, and the former summoned Little Mister, who used his Fiery Teleportation to move Chetney out from under silver trap.[19]

When Bells Hells traveled to the Grey Valley they were attacked by a devourer-like demon and its undead minions, and Little Mister joined the battle to defend Fearne, using his gun to shoot fire on one of the undead entities.[20] Later, during a battle against the demons that had taken the Iridon Bastion, he helped by shooting fire on them, defending Chetney in the process.[21]

When Bells Hells traveled to Bassuras and fought General Ratanish and six members of Paragon's Call, Little Mister was summoned to help in the battle, confronting an enemy rogue whose head eventually exploded when the elemental shot his flaming seeds. Later, when the adventurers were killing Ratanish, Mister added his fire to Fearne's, dealing more damage to the goliath.[22]

The following day, after Keyleth sent Bells Hells to Slival, Fearne summoned Little Mister again to please the local dolabos who liked fire a lot (although they were initially scared of the monkey). When the flames cast by the adventurers attracted Bari Mondolo, Mister protected his allies, managing to hit the monster once with his gun.[23] After the adventurers summoned the Crimson Abyss and were attacked by its crew, Mister tried shooting the captain, Urlu Novos, failing, and then focusing on defending his team, firing against a skeleton trying to attack FCG, and helping Fearne get out of a whirlpool.[24]

In Kalutha Bells Hells were attacked by a Basalt caecilian, and Mister helped in the battle, although at the very beginning he was too far and his shot didn't even reach the monster.[25]

When Bells Hells attended a meeting in Whitestone Castle Fearne stated that she was willing to join the efforts against Ludinus and the Vanguard because she wanted to create a good future for her child, leaving many confused... Until they realized that she meant, once more, her wildfire spirit.[26] That night Little Mister was with Fearne when she, Imogen, and Laudna explored the castle, and came to the aid of the druid when they were attacked by specters.[27]

In Ligament Manor, when Fearne finally absorbed the spark of Rau'shan, she summoned Mister so that he could watch the process (as did the many critters in the garden). When it was all over and Fearne was resplendent with fiery power, her wildfire spirit jumped to hug her, very excited by her new appearance.[28] After the trials were successfully completed, and before the adventurers went to bed in Ligament Manor, Fresh Cut Grass prepared for them a Heroes' Feast, and both Little Mister and Pâté joined, getting the benefits of that magical meal.[29]

When Bells Hells arrived to Ruidus Fearne summoned Mister to be with the adventurers while they dealt with the Reilora and the members of the Ruby Vanguard that were looking for them.[30] In a similar way, she summoned him again hours later, in the village of Razora, when Willmaster Edmuda and her allies attacked them.[31]

During the adventurers' brief visit to Ria'Doin through a portal, they were attacked by an undead entity in Lake Umamu trying to devour them. In order to help a mind-controlled FCG, Fearne summoned Mister, who despite being extremely uncomfortable underwater, reached the aeormaton and used his Fiery Teleportation to get closer to the surface with them.[32]

After Bells Hells returned to Ruidus they became allies of the Volition in Kreviris, where they found the Nightmare King. Fearne (along with Ashton and FCG) decided to go with the fey inventor on a mission to sabotage an excavation and potentially kill Sorrowlord Zathuda, and in order to move easily among enemies, Ira cast Seeming to make them all look like Ruidians. Since Fearne looked like a bormodo, Mister got the appearance of a cytaa,[33] and stayed with her while they moved through the city and the excavation.[34]

When Bells Hells finished their mission and returned to Exandria, Sorrowlord Athion Zathuda traveled to the planet too, and used a sugar glider to lure Fearne away from her friends in order to speak to her. When the conversation didn't go like he wanted, he tested her by forcing her to fight shadowy doubles summoned by a magical mirror. To defend herself, the exhausted druid summoned Little Mister; after Fearne destroyed most of her dark echoes, the wildfire spirit shot the last one, which vanished immediately after.[35] Two days later, when Fearne and her friends were exploring the ruins of Aeor, the druid summoned Little Mister to support them in a fight against a huge monster, although it ended up being immune to fire.[36]


Fearne Calloway[]

Fearne and Little Mister are loyal to each other and kind of similar in terms of personality, although the wildfire spirit can be somewhat chaotic on occasion. The druid always treats him as a sentient being, and she has referred to him as her child several times, giving him presents and praising his behavior.

Dariax Zaveon[]

Dariax had a childhood incident with a monkey. Since it bit his finger, he began to be wary of any monkey, including Little Mister.[37][38] Once Dariax attempted to harm him. During the investigation of the plateau, Mister turned into a fire elemental, then back in his monkey form. Dariax saw this as an opportunity and charged him, breaking his spear.[39]

However, when Little Mister was in a weak spot, Dariax had the opportunity to harm him, but didn't. Furthermore, he helped him by casting a Cure Wounds spell.[40]

Character information[]

Notable items[]


Fearne and Little Mister with his gun - C3 intro

Little Mister with his gun, by Kamille Areopagita and Kevin Areopagita from "A Gathering of Heroes" (3x76).[art 5]

  • Damage Immunity: Fire
  • Condition Immunities: charmed, frightened, grappled, prone, and restrained
  • Darkvision
  • Flame Seed[41]
  • Fiery Teleportation[4]

Appearances and mentions[]


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