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The only word I can think of when I think of Byroden is 'home'. I never want to leave any of you. It's the most beautiful place in the world. And no matter who or what might want to leave this place to find something better, I know there is nowhere better in the world than our home.
Lisle's answer to a pageant interview question[2]

Lisle Vester was a pageant contestant in the 22nd Annual Byroden Forever Pageant. Although she was narratively treated as an NPC, she was played by Anjali Bhimani, a non-DM player.



The lack of specific description given to Lisle's race may indicate she is a human.


Lisle is portrayed as glamorous and catty. She displays intense feelings of rivalry with Opal, who returns them. Opal said she was "not to be trusted", and Fearne considered her "very rude".[3] She speaks with a Southern drawl.



Lisle and Opal knew each other growing up. According to Opal, Lisle "once pooped herself at school".[3]

"By the Road" (E1x04)[]

Lisle entered the 22nd Annual Byroden Forever Pageant, hoping to be crowned "Gem of Byroden". Her performances in the pageant were strong except that Dariax continuously spoiled them with magic, especially making use of Thaumaturgy to give the impression she was repeatedly passing wind.

For the interview portion of the pageant she wore "an iridescent, high-necked, fitted, low-V-neck suit with straightout Ziggy Stardust everything." Her hair was worn up in "all different colors".[4] For the talent portion, she rode a small horse in a dressage dance, but Dariax used Mage Hand to cause the horse to buck her off; even so, Lisle did a backward somersault and landed gracefully. She wore for this portion a "fully iridescent riding outfit" with "super-high platform boots", a riding crop, high hair, and a riding cap.[5] For the evening wear portion she wore an iridescent, sheer, "very wide" ball gown with a "very fitted" iridescent corset and hair "lusciously long and down to her hips". Magical fireflies sparked in between the layers of her skirt and flew out into the audience.[6] Dariax was so impressed he did not add sounds of flatulence to this performance.[7]

During the pageant, Lisle was quite taken by Dorian.[8] In the end, Lisle was awarded "Gem of Our Hearts" (second place); she was displeased and said nothing.[9]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • (To Opal:) "Oh, you're back. Hahahaha. So good to see you."[10]
  • "Oh, Opal. Who knew you'd have to return… to cheat? I mean, I've spoke so highly of you to so many people, and I'm just so disappointed, you know, that you had to bring assistance this time to win. […] I feel so sorry for you. I feel so sad."[11]



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