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Lillith Anioska Daturai is a tiefling wizard, specializing in the School of Illusion.[3] Lillith is the cousin of Zahra and an ally of Vox Machina. She is played by Kit Buss.



Lillith color - Megzilla87

Fan art of Lillith, by Megzilla87.[art 2]

Lillith is a pale, white tiefling with reddish-pink eyes. Her hooves and horns are translucently pink.[1] She carries a staff in one hand.[5]


Lillith grew up along with her sisters, who took pleasure in the terror and suffering of others and filled the castle with malice. In this dark atmosphere, she sought colors, hoarding them wherever possible. As a result, Lillith spent much of her time alone and became quiet and socially awkward.[1]



Much of Lillith's background before she fled her family was provided by Kit Buss in a separate forum.[1] Lillith's family hailed from the Palac Lusterka (or Lothburg) and was ruled by her three sisters - Nephitiri, Nethspira, and Bellenore. Lillith spent the majority of her time alone, with views that were opposite to her sister's. They find pleasure in the adversities of others; Lillith was drawn to light and color in her surroundings.

One day, guided by the sound of weeping, she entered the forbidden sanctum of her sisters' rituals - and there discovered a human child, alone and untended, awaiting her fate. Horrified by what she found, Lillith hid her in a veil of illusion from the sister's eyes.[1]

Her sisters were furious. They attacked - and in her hasty defense of herself and the child, Lillith tore open Bellenore's face with a wound that would never fully be mended. Lillith barely escaped Palac Lusterka alive, fleeing into the Feywild, then moving to the continent of Tal'Dorei. Two years of running and hiding later, the threat of her sisters' vengeance still followed Lillith and the then-five-year-old Beatrycze.[1]

After her escape, the sisters hired the Broker to capture her and take her back to them. He had an enchantment on Lillith that allowed him to track her down through a Scrying spell. She remembered all the good things Zahra told her about Vox Machina[6] and reached out to Vox Machina for help.

"Crimson Diplomacy" (1x25)[]

Initially disguised as a "demure, mousy-looking human guest" at the dinner with the Briarwoods, Lillith came to the aid of Vox Machina in their fight with the Briarwoods. Some time after their escape, the red mark on Lillith's body began to glow, a sign that the Broker was near to hunt her. Near the walls of Greyskull Keep, he approached Vox Machina and explained that his quarrel wasn't with them—that he only wanted Lillith. Emotionally charged from the previous ordeal with the Briarwoods, Vox Machina quickly reacted in defense of Lillith.

The Broker and his allies were not prepared to battle the additional seven members of Vox Machina. After they were defeated, Lillith reanimated the Broker's corpse and sent him back to her sisters, advising them to leave her alone. She also suggested to the survived warrior of the Broker's party to join the Slayer's Take and find a new meaning there.

After the conflict with the Broker, in the hope of finally escaping her sisters, Lillith left Emon to find her cousin.

"Winter's Crest in Whitestone" (1x36)[]

Lillith later sent Vox Machina a letter, assuring them that she was safe with Zahra, congratulating Percy and the rest of the group on their deeds, and enclosing a gift. She sent Percy a separate letter.[7]



Lilith is the cousin of Zahra Hydris. It was Zahra who sent her to Vox Machina for help escaping from her sisters.[8]

Character information[]


Tiefling abilities[]

  • Darkvision (60 ft)
  • Hellish Resistance
  • Subrace: Bloodline of Asmodeus
    • Infernal Legacy:
      • Thaumaturgy
      • Hellish Rebuke (as a 2nd-level spell)
      • Darkness


  • Minor Illusion[9]
  • Crown of Madness[10]
  • Phantasmal Killer[12]

Notable items[]

Appearances and mentions[]


Lillith - Megzilla87

Fan art of Lillith, by Megzilla87.[art 3]

  • Lilith: "Oh, I'm getting the vapors! Oh no."[15]
  • Lilith: "Oh, flames everywhere and ripped dresses and heaving bosoms, oh my lord."[16]


  • Lillith shares with Lyra, Percy, and Caleb the highest intelligence score of any player character thus far.
  • Lillith suffers from albinism, her condition being the cause of her coloration, and not her infernal legacy.[17]
    • To date, Lilith and an unnamed tyrannosaurus rex from Rumblecusp are the only creatures with albinism to appear in Critical Role canon.
  • Taliesin Jaffe suggested that Percy and Lillith may have had a relationship.[18]
  • In the Critical Role Major Arcana Tarot Card Set, she represents XI - Justice.
  • Lilith's semi-canonical history and backstory is detailed by Kit Buss in her comic book series Cloven: Bloodlines.
  • For the Dalen's Closet One-shot, Kit Buss posted an in-character video congratulating Percy and Vex'ahlia on their upcoming celebration, telling them to "try not to die, but if you must, die fabulously".[19]

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