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Leofric and Una Ermendrud were the parents of Caleb Widogast, born Bren Aldric Ermendrud, and lived in Blumenthal. In about 818 PD, their son murdered them by setting their house on fire after Trent Ikithon, who groomed Bren as a Volstrucker, altered his memories to paint Leofric and Una as traitors to the Dwendalian Empire. It was meant as a graduation test, but their deaths emotionally shattered him.


Leofric was a solidly built human man with gently graying black hair, blue eyes, and thick facial hair. He was laconic and stoic, and he seemed to struggle with speaking emotionally to his son.[1] His son remembered him as brave and felt that Leofric expected much of him.[2]

Una was a slender human woman with thick orange hair and green eyes. She seemed a vibrant and somewhat excitable woman who was openly affectionate with her son.[1]

Both Leofric and Una were said to have believed whole-heartedly dedicated to the Dwendalian Empire, and they were very proud of and happy for their son when he was accepted into the Soltryce Academy.[3]


Leofric and Una Ermendrud lived in a small cottage in Blumenthal with their only child Bren Aldric Ermendrud and a cat, Frumpkin. Leofric was a soldier in the lower ranks of the Righteous Brand.[4] They lived largely poor, having seen very little money in their lives, but Bren remembered his childhood positively.[5] He remembered Una baking apple tarts as a smell that would make him happiest[6] and fondly recalled her reading Der Katzenprinz to him when he was very small.[7]

In about 818 PD, when their son was 17, Trent Ikithon groomed Bren as a Volstrucker and altered Bren's memories of a visit home. These memories falsely painted Leofric and Una as traitors and as denouncing their son for his dedication to the Empire. As his parents danced in their living room, Bren blocked the front door of their home with a horse cart and set the house on fire. Unable to escape, they shouted for help, emotionally shattering Bren. He was stopped from rescuing them by Astrid Becke and Eadwulf Grieve. Leofric and Una died in the fire and were buried together in the cemetery at Blumenthal. Their murder was intended as a graduation test by Trent to gauge Bren's worthiness as a Volstrucker.[3][1]

"The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (Sx79)[]

In 843 PD, during the apogee solstice, Trent Ikithon escaped prison and started working for his encounter with Caleb, as his favorite student and the one who defeated him. As part of it he rebuilt the Ermendrud home with magic and (presumably using the adrenus sap he had stolen from the Archive of the Cobalt Soul of Rexxentrum) reanimated Leofric and Una as obedient undead servants.

When Caleb finally arrived to Blumenthal to meet with his old teacher he was accompanied by Jester. They sat at the table with Trent and the younger wizard's parents, and although Leofric and Una seemed alright, their behavior was strange. Seeing that her friend wasn't happy with that situation, Jester apologized to him before Turning Undead, causing the Ermendruds to react to the effect, after which Trent made the house explode, turning the two of them into flaming undead minions that the Mighty Nein fought and defeated.


Eleven years later, after escaping the Vergesson Sanatorium, Bren, now known as Caleb Widogast, never forgave himself for their deaths and sought a way to magically travel back in time to save them.[3][8] He planned to convince them to leave their home before his younger self set it on fire and use an illusion to convince himself that they really died. He would then resettle them in Tal'Dorei with instructions to visit a specific square once a week in about twenty years until they eventually meet their son again. Though he had the opportunity to enact this plan with the discovery of time travel research at Aeor, Caleb chose not to pursue it to instead move forward in the hopes of becoming the man his parents wished him to be.[8]

Caleb kept a book of letters written to Leofric and Una since his escape from the Sanatorium in the hopes of one day giving it to them in person. He used Teleport to bury the book at their grave.[8] Una's name is the command word for Caleb's Vault of Amber.[9]

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