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Lathra is an elven master weaver from Syngorn.



Lathra is an elven[presumed] woman who wears glasses.[1]


Lathra appears to prefer tinkering with clockwork toys to her actual profession of weaving.[1] Vax'ildan noted that she never seemed satisfied with her work with either craft.[1] She was tolerant of the half-elf's friendship with her elven apprentice Cyriel, but did not want him to get too close.[3]


Kith & Kin[]

In around 800 PD,[4][5] Lathra had a weaver's shop in Syngorn's Tarn Thoroughfare.[1] Her shop was described as "a storefront that was easy to miss" and "purposefully bland."[1] Lathra seemed to be aware that her apprentice Cyriel was a thief, and let her use the back of her shop to store her loot; in fact, Cyriel seemed to be sharing her profits with Lathra.[6] When Cyriel first brought her friend Vax'ildan to the shop, Lathra "grumbled at his half-elven heritage" and warned him that he shouldn't get too close to Cyriel.[3] One evening when Vax'ildan visited Cyriel, Lathra barely acknowledged him as he entered, as she was focused on working with clockwork.[1]

By the following year,[4][7] Cyriel had started spending less time with Vax'ildan, and when he visited the shop one evening, Lathra wouldn't tell him where Cyriel was.[8]



Cyriel is Lathra's apprentice at the weaver's shop, and Lathra appears to also be aware of and profiting from Cyriel's illegal activities.[6] Lathra tolerated Cyriel's friendship with Vax'ildan, but didn't want them to get too close.[3]

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