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Laerryn Coramar-Seelie is an elven wizard who served as Architect Arcane of the city of Avalir. She is played by Aabria Iyengar.



Laerryn is tall, lanky, and dark-skinned, with pretty, angular eyes that glow gold. She wears ornate, glowing gold clothing with a purple cape.[7]


Laerryn has no patience for small talk.[8] She is one of the smartest people in the city[9] who took a vital but under-appreciated job working in the basic infrastructure of the city.[10] "If she wanted glory, she could just pick a different job and immediately get the praise her talents would garner. Instead, she dedicated her life to quietly and dutifully protecting the Heart of Avalir, and expanding on the city’s mission statement (travel the ley lines collecting knowledge and magic to share with the world)."[11]

Laerryn's goal was to perfect the Astral Leywright, a new engine that she had created[12] to build a new ley line road through to other Planes of Existence[11] that would allow the city to travel not only across the face of Exandria, but to realms supernal, where a city of mortals might walk as equals with the gods themselves.[13]



Laerryn was tracking an imminent apogee solstice using the Grand Geometer she had built for the purpose. Based on her measurements, the chances of the ley lines shifting significantly appeared very high.[14]

Fan art of Laerryn, by Horichalcum.[art 2]

"Excelsior" (E3x01)

The morning of the Eve of The Replenishment, Laerryn, the Architect Arcane of the city of Avalir, was fully immersed in the technical details of landing the floating city, scheduled for ten minutes before the next sunrise. A subordinate interrupted, acting on her orders to alert her when the Grand Geometer, which measured the strength of the imminent apogee solstice, was above 0.025. The measurement was 0.5, twenty times higher, indicating a major shift of the ley lines of Exandria upon which the city depended. Shaken, Laerryn hurried to her room, weeping in relief that all of the things she had sacrificed could be worth it for this one shot, and in terror that she had so little time to take advantage of this tremendous moment. Loquatius arrived and the conversation became bickering until the first of the spell kites of Cathmoíra drifted upward past the window. The two resolved to be on their best behavior during the Replenishment.

At Patia's party that evening, Laerryn took the fragment of celestial bow from Cerrit in excitement that it was the last piece she needed for her experiment. She left early, requesting Nydas to send four automata to her workrooms.

"Bitterness and Dread" (E3x02)

In the depths of the Meridian Labyrinth, Laerryn felt guilt over potentially having caused the death of Evandrin Alterra, Zerxus's husband. When Nydas arrived with his four experimental automata, the test of her creation, the Astral Leywright, began. An automaton inserted the golden bow fragment into the engine and it whirred to life. One of the three normally-invisible leylines that converged on Cathmoíra suddenly glowed and pulsed in synchrony with the machine, and the Ley-Rudder, a miniature machine in Laerryn's hand, lifted off, moving first with the city and then diagonally, fading from the Prime Material Plane. The Astral Leywright tracked its safe arrival elsewhere. The experiment was a success. Suddenly, however, Laerryn realized that it had sucked a significant portion of the city's magical energy into the Arboreal Calix, a machine which stores ether to be returned to the druids of Cathmoíra.

Returning to Patia's ongoing party, Laerryn told the Ring of Brass that she had mastered the ability to allow Avalir to travel to another plane of existence. She and Patia later decided to investigate the offices of Micah Cormorant, who had aided Lacrytia Hollow in the thwarted attack on Purvan Suul. There, Laerryn cast Summon Construct, animating a massive stone statue of a spell knight that knocked the door off its hinges. As they entered, Patia illuminated the room and they heard something within. Patia used Detect Magic and Laerryn cast a Fireball there, badly singing the invisible Cormorant. The construct then finished him off. There, they found tampered-with Teleportation Circles with an Infernal rune, records about the Arboreal Calix and the nature of the Pact with the Gau Drashari, and an ancient letter from the time the Calix was created signed by the Head Druid of the Gau Drashari of the Temple of Toramunda. It suggested the Drashari distrusted enchantment and the motives of the wizards of Avalir, and could therefore not share "the tree's purpose".

At about 1:00 am, Laerryn was paged by the Helmswoman, who told her the city was in position over Cathmoíra at the intersection of all three ley lines and they were descending. Suddenly, there was a choking noise and the communication line fell silent. Laerryn told Patia they had to go immediately to the helm and also sent word through Rary's Telepathic Bond to the other party members. As they met there, Lacrytia Hollow greeted them.

"Blood and Shadow" (E3x03)

In the battle against Lacrytia and her forces, Laerryn and her friends faced various spellcasters and fiends. During the battle both she and Zerxus used their magical abilities to protect Loquatius, who used this event and the loss of his ex-wife's Arcane Ward later to tease her. The abjurer casted Reverse Gravity on Lacrytia (affecting Nydas and Sha'korzhan too, although he used the opportunity to attack the necromancer), but she didn't have much time to celebrate, as she received a message alerting her that the eldritch batteries were losing power, and how the Arboreal Calix demanded 30% of Avalir's energy, which the Architect Arcane denied. Laerryn stayed in the battle a little bit longer, Counterspelling Lacrytia's attempt of casting Finger of Death against Patia; however, wanting to protect her life's work, she took Quay and retreated from the battle using Dimension Door.

Fan art of Laerryn in the Meridian Labyrinth, by CT Chen.[art 3]

They appeared in the Meridian Labyrinth, where several K'nauthi were attacking an eldritch battery which the former couple defended. Loquatius questioned the Architect Arcane about what she was protecting and why, pointing how the priority she gave to her work overshadowed any concern for her own reputation and personal relationships; Laerryn did admit she was sorry about that, but she didn't regret anything. Also, when the changeling was dismayed to discover that the abjurer was manipulating the energy tithe Avalir was supposed to give during the Replenishment, his ex-wife defended her actions by saying that she wanted to leave her mark on the world. Just before the Ring of Brass gathered again, Laerryn sneakily put a piece of raw ether (to restore some of his magic in case he needed it) in her ex-husband's pocket as a gesture of affection. When the group of friends met in the Labyrinth, Zerxus, worried about the group's insincerity, cast Zone of Truth, and both Laerryn and Loquatius resisted its effects; in the following conversation, Patia restored the paladin's memory of his attempts to resurrect his husband, Evandrin Alterra, raising the possibility that he had not died. Loquatius tried to stop her, but Laerryn confessed that Evandrin had aided her in her experiment, suggesting that something in the Arboreal Calix caused the illness that killed him. The group went to the Calix and the Tree of Names, and in its branches, Loquatius detected that the branches had trapped the toy that his ex-wife sent to check if her invention worked. She, deducing that the tree prevented her invention from working, tried to cast Blight on it, but Nydas stopped her, warning her about the prophecy that gave the Tree of Names great importance; however, Laerryn glimpsed Evandrin's face in the tree, and the Ring of Brass begins to fight each other. Loquatius tried to magically intimidate Nydas into letting go of Laerryn, but it didn't work, and he cast Hold Person on the changeling and the elf. Patia, ignoring the fight, approached the Tree of Names and cast Legend Lore, trying to find out its nature, and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of information that invaded her mind. Loquatius managed to free himself and went to pull Patia away from the tree, but was himself trapped by its influence. Dweomer, alerted by the fighting, entered the Arboreal Calix and seeing the Architect Arcane in danger attempted to Disintegrate (to the horror of the abjurer, who did not want her friend to die), but said spell is Counterspelled by Zerxus. Laerryn saw two branches of the tree attack her ex-husband and their friend, cast Blight successfully this time. In the time it took for the tree to be destroyed, Patia received the information about its function and importance, but it was too late: the Tree of Names was destroyed, and from its remains a flaming portal emerged in which were Vespin Chloras (now a K'nauth) and Asmodeus.

"Fire and Ruin" (E3x04)

Fan art of Laerryn and Loquatius, by Stephanie Brown.[art 4]

The energy of the tree's destruction hit Loquatius and Patia despite Laerryn's attempt to shield the changeling with her Arcane Ward, and a shock wave knocked Nydas and the Herald of Avalir unconscious and killed the Keeper of Scrolls; Laerryn was the only member of the Ring of Brass still conscious there. While Asmodeus, taking advantage of a Time Stop, interacted with Zerxus, Laerryn managed to escape with Dimension Door to a secure room, and transmitted the information to Cerrit, the only member of the Ring of Brass absent (since he had left before to go check on his children); she was aware of the moment when Loquatius, terribly weakened by his injuries, died. Through Dweomer's eyes Laerryn saw how Asmodeus left and how Zerxus, now scarred by his pact with him, was able to move again. Through the aeormaton she demanded the paladin revive their dead friends (accidentally drawing the attention of Vespin Chloras, who destroyed Dweomer's body), and the First Knight did so, and in Patia's case he used the piece of raw ether that Laerryn had given Loquatius.

The Ring of Brass met again and Laerryn restores their Telepathic Link, and after going to the Hall of Prophecies to hear the oracle locked there who they now knew wasn't mad but predicting real danger, they established a plan to be carried out that same night: use Laerryn's Astral Leywright to send the elementals sealed under Cathmoíra to another plane, thus preventing them from joining the Betrayer Gods and saving Exandria. Loquatius decided that he had to inform the inhabitants of both cities of what was happening (since devils have taken the streets and could go to the mainland easily), and left with Nydas on the back of Sha'korzhan to go to the Herald's Tome, but not before kissing Laerryn. The different members of the group split up to carry out different missions between Avalir and Cathmoíra, and during this period Nydas warned Laerryn that some of the taxmen they had been working with had been sabotaged by the K'nauthi.

Fan art of Laerryn working while protected by her friends, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 5]

The Ring of Brass rejoined and prepared to put Laerryn's plan in motion with the Astral Leywright, but were followed by Vespin Chloras and the sabotaged automata, and a battle ensued. As Laerryn, with Patia's assistance, put her plan into motion, their friends defended them; the Architect Arcane (after casting Otherworldly Guise on herself to become more enduring) was able to ensure that the massive release of energy wouldn't shatter the entire planet. Loquatius, in mid-combat, proposed to Laerryn with a raven feather, and she accepted and ate the feather. Laerryn took massive amounts of damage, but continued to work with the Leywright and cast occasional spells to help her friends; when presented with the choice of whether to ensure the city's survival or ensure the plan would be completed, she chose the latter, making sure the two captive Primordials would be permanently banished from Exandria. As she was about to finish the process, she telepathically told her friends that she loved them. Vespin tried to cast Power Word Kill at the abjurer, but Cerrit managed to sneak attack and kill him before the spell went off. Patia, who had raised a Wall of Force around Laerryn and herself, fell due to an attack that managed to pass through her spell, and with the last of her strength she sent more energy to her best friend's invention to ensure its success. Seconds from finishing her job, Laerryn took a hit that would have knocked her unconscious, but her fiancé's healing magic prevented that from happening.

The Astral Leywright activated and sent the Emperor of Fire and the Empress of Earth through the Planes of Existence, destroying both titans, but also annihilating the continent of Domunas in the process. Of the Ring of Brass only Loquatius, Laerryn and Cerrit remained; the first two held onto each other, and when the eisfuura made one last attempt to escape to return to his family, his friends helped him out with Laerryn's instructions and Loquatius' magical talisman. Cerrit managed to get out of Avalir in time. In their final moments, the Coramar-Seelie couple exchanged vows of love.


Fan art of Loquatius and Laerryn, by Ofteasandherbs.[art 6]

Laerryn married Loquatius Seelie while Avalir was docked for a Replenishment, seven years before the events of Exandria Unlimited: Calamity. Their marriage had dissolved in the meantime. Although they each displayed hostility toward the other and Laerryn took several jabs at Loquatius's alleged infidelities, there was also clearly affection remaining.[15]

Throughout that final evening of Avalir's existence, the two grew closer. Loquatius gave up his chance to escape the coming destruction via a gate to the Feywild offered by Lady Elmenore to all fey of the Seelie Court on Exandria, telling her that though he loved her, he loved another more. He fought to protect Laerryn as she worked to complete the Astral Leywright in time to shift the captive Primordials out of this plane so that they could not aid the Betrayer Gods. Midway through the battle Loquatius got on one knee and proposed to her, and she accepted his offer and his raven's feather in token of it.

Loquatius's Healing Word brought her from unconsciousness at the very last moment. Her work completed, Laerryn and Loquatius held each other, and, with the stained glass windows around them resembling a church, pledged their love to one another as the cataclysm took the city.

Character information

Notable items

Former items

  • Ring of Masks (a bracelet able to cast and receive unlimited Sendings, showing a hologram of the addressing individual)[18][19]


  • Skills: Acrobatics, Arcana, History, Investigation, Perception[1]
  • Tools: Mason's Tools[1]


Elf abilities

  • Darkvision
  • Keen Senses
  • Fey Ancestry
  • Trance
  • Subrace: High elf
    • One wizard cantrip
    • Elf Weapon Training (presumably)


  • Tough[20]
  • Eldritch Adept: Armor of Shadows[21]
  • War Caster[1]

Wizard abilities

  • Arcane Recovery (7 slot levels)
  • Spellcasting (Intelligence-based ability)
  • Arcane Tradition (School of Abjuration)
    • Abjuration Savant
    • Arcane Ward (33 hit points)
    • Projected Ward
    • Improved Abjuration
    • Spell Resistance

Wizard spells

As a 14th-level wizard, Laerryn knows five cantrips, and her spellbook contains at least 32 spells. She can prepare up to 19 of these spells per day.

  • Fire Bolt[22]
  • Mage Hand[23]
  • Mending[1]
  • On/Off (homebrew cantrip)[1]
  • Prestidigitation[1]
  • Shocking Grasp[1]
1st level
2nd level
  • Mirror Image[26]
  • Tasha’s Mind Whip[1]
3rd level
4th level
  • Blight[29]
  • Dimension Door[30]
  • Fabricate
  • Summon Construct[31]
5th level
  • Passwall[1]
  • Rary's Telepathic Bond[32]
  • Steel Wind Strike[1]
6th level
  • Scatter[1]
  • Tasha's Otherworldly Guise[33]
7th level

Appearances and mentions


  • Loquatius: (to Laerryn) Aria is just my assistant.
    Laerryn: Mm. Mm-hmm.
    Loquatius: She's a fantastic assistant. She came highly recommended.
    Laerryn: I'm sure she did.
    Loquatius: She happens to be young. She happens to be attractive, but that goes with the territory. It has nothing to do with anything else.
    Laerryn: Of course it doesn't. Of course it doesn't. You have my unadulterated attention right now.
    Loquatius: Well, that would make the first time that's ever happened.[35]
  • Loquatius: (to Laerryn) Before you go, I don't want to leave it like this, all right? I just was struck with the memory that the last time we landed the cities, you know, that's when we got married.
    Laerryn: I remember.
    Loquatius: So. I don't know, we were okay once, and maybe we can be again. Just for a moment, just for the month that we're docked and then you can go back to hating me.
    Laerryn: I don't-- I don't hate you. And I will be on my best behavior.
    Loquatius: I will, too.[36]


  • Originally Laerryn's name was supposed to be Lorwyn, but Aabria changed her mind.[37]
  • Laerryn is (so far) the only known character who has combined surnames, in her case due to her marriage. It's interesting to note that she still uses Coramar-Seelie even after divorcing Loquatius Seelie.
    • Laerryn and Loquatius are also the only pair of player characters who started their adventure as a divorced couple.
    • According to Aabria, it was Sam's idea that their characters were ex-spouses.[38]
  • In their divorce, Laerryn kept the home she and Quay shared in Avalir during their marriage.[39][40]
  • Sam and Aabria decided that they didn't want their characters to have children together (even if they would have wanted kids eventually) because they knew that as funny as it was to roleplay a divorced couple, that sort of situation is always worse for any children involved, so they remained childless.
    • An early idea that Aabria and Luis discussed was that Laerryn could be Elias' mother, and Zerxus would have adopted her child raising him as his own, but without the knowledge that the abjurer was in fact the kid's mom (something Laerryn would have revealed at some point). This, however, was ultimately discarted.[41]
  • Either she or her family might have Marquesian connections, since she knows their language.[42]
    • According to Aabria Laerryn's parents lived in the city (it is unclear if she meant Avalir or Cathmoíra) and they had died, although she didn't explain if they were already dead when the Calamity started or if that was the cause.[43]
  • Laerryn is left handed.[44]
  • She is bisexual.[45]
  • Laerryn had an All-Purpose Tool, a magical object that can only be used by artificers. However, due to her affinity with magical craft and technology, she was able to attune to it regardless, similarly of how Yasha Nydoorin attuned to the Holy Avenger despite not being a paladin, since she had a cause to defend and proved her worth to her god.
  • Aabria wanted Laerryn to look like her, but she also inspired her appearance and style in those of women she admired, like Rihanna and Beyoncé.[1]
    • Another inspiration for the character was Mel Medarda, from Arcane.[46]
  • At some point between falling in love with Loquatius and their divorce, Laerryn contacted Lady Elmenore (Quay's warlock patron) and convinced her to grant her a boon in order to be able to protect the changeling better. That's the origin of her Eldritch Adept feat.[1]
    • Using her Eldritch Adept feat to spam cast Mage Armor at will, Laerryn is able to regenerate her Arcane Ward in a little over a minute.
  • During her wedding with Quay it started to rain (a rare event for the people of Avalir to experience, since their city usually flies above any precipitation), and although some spellcasters offered to clear the clouds, the couple thought the rain made the event even more magical, so Laerryn asked them to let it be.[47]
    • Her perfume is a combination of violets and petrichor, which is precisely the smell present during their wedding day.[48]
  • Although not canon, Aabria expanded on her Tumblr how Loquatius and Laerryn met, got together, and broke up. Some of this is just how Aabria imagined it and some is undisclosed backstory, but it is unclear which is which.[49]
    • They met on one of Avalir's stops, and he was "charming to the point of distraction and Laerryn fell fast."
    • They first hooked up at a gala, "and I do mean at - like in the coat check closet", as apparently Laerryn did not hate parties before Evandrin's death.
    • It was her all consuming work ethic that drove them apart, mostly motivated by her grief over Evandrin. This made her very lonely, but she rationalised it as allowing her to focus on her work.
  • According to Aabria, she likes to think that at some point Laerryn would have made out with every single member of the Ring of Brass.[1]
    • In a way, she actually did, since her husband, being a changeling, could and did shapeshift to look like their common friends during romantic couple moments.[50]
  • Some fans (as well as Aabria herself) have noted the similarity between the names and fields of study of Planerider Ryn and Laerryn Coramar-Seelie. Although not confirmed, it is theorized that Ryn would have had access to documents connected to the Architect Arcane of Avalir, and it is even possible that she would have chosen her name as a tribute to the abjurer.


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