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Laduguer is the god of strength, conquest, and power in duergar mythology.

Vox Machina discovered an effigy of Laduguer while exploring the Emberhold.[1] Tiberius memorized his features meticulously, and later transformed into the likeness of the god[2] to intimidate the duergar militia in the Emberhold's throne room in order to provide a distraction while the rest of Vox Machina attacked with the element of surprise.[3] Pike applied a spell (thaumaturgy) to amplify Tiberius's voice[4] and Keyleth assumed the form of a giant scorpion on which he rode.[5]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Laduguer shares many similarities with Azgrah, being a duergar who accomplished many feats and is worshiped like a god.[6]
    • Azgrah may be considered Exandria's equivalent of Laduguer, with Laduguer's mention in Campaign One being an artifact of the early game and lore. It is also possible that Azgrah, being considered an iconoclast, is taking attributions related to the duergar deity, thus attacking his cult in the process.[6]


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