The characters in this page are canonically LGBTQ+, both in game and stated by their players. The characters range from main players and guests to non-player characters.
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Campaign OneEdit

Vox MachinaEdit

Taryon DarringtonEdit

Taryon is canonically gay, as revealed in "Jugs and Rods" (1x94). In the episode, Tary describes a past relationship with an old tutor named Lawrence, and in "The Chapter Closes" (1x115), Tary is revealed to have found Lawrence and "picked up where they left off". In "The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade" (Sx49), which takes place approximately fourteen years after the end of Campaign One, Tary and Lawrence are a married couple.[1]

"I have now known a woman....and I get it now. I see the appeal— I understand. Women are soft and tender and...they are not for me.
Taryon explaining his experience with Trisha to Pike and Grog.

Scanlan ShorthaltEdit

Scanlan was shown to be attracted to both men and women throughout the campaign. In "The Ominous March" (1x109), Scanlan is tricked into drinking a love potion by Vax'ildan and Grog, after which he first sees Percy and falls in love with him for the duration of the effect.[2] The player, Sam Riegel was asked by Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer how adventurous Scanlan had been in his various exploits, as the love philter only worked if the character already found the other person's gender and species attractive. Sam responded by saying "A human man? That was teenage years, baby. I've gone much further than that since then."


Vax'ildan is bisexual, as confirmed by Liam O'Brien in a Q&A.[3]. Before cementing his relationship with Keyleth, Vax often flirted with Gilmore and kissed him after officially ending their courtship [4]. Additionally, Vax stated multiple times his attraction to both men and women, once while masquerading as Scanlan in Vasselheim.[5]


Vex'ahlia was shown to flirt with both men and women throughout the campaign, and as such is often referred to as bisexual. Laura Bailey said on Twitter that "Vex needs to find herself a man. Or a woman." in regards to discussion on shipping on Critical Role.[6]

Guest CharactersEdit

Zahra Hydris Edit

From the outset Zahra and Vex had a semi-antagonistic but very flirty and teasing relationship, and the two grew to be close friends. When asked about her relationship to Vex, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn said in a Q&A that Zahra feels attractiveness goes beyond the physical, that there was an "attraction to someone's soul".[7]

Notable NPCsEdit

Shaun GilmoreEdit

Gilmore is gay, and has only shown attraction to men in game. He was involved in a flirtatious relationship with Vax'ildan, and when visiting his childhood home in "The Streets of Ank'Harel" (1x65), Vex'ahlia found letters from Gilmore to a male lover, as confirmed in the campaign wrap-up episode of Talks Machina.[8]

J'mon Sa OrdEdit

J'mon Sa Ord is an androgynous humanoid described as beautiful and looking both and neither male nor female. They use the gender-neutral pronouns “they/them”, however Matthew Mercer sometimes refers to them with “she/her” and “he/him” pronouns, suggesting that perhaps J’Mon is genderfluid.
Kimallura 2

Fan art of Allura and Lady Kima staring at one another fondly, by wastrelwoods.[art 1]

Lady Kima of VordEdit

Lady Kima of Vord is shown to be attracted to women in canon, and is presumed to be a lesbian in reference to Grog’s vain attempts of romancing her. In "The Feast" (1x24), Allura implied Kima’s sexuality when Tiberius Stormwind suggested a double-date with them and Grog. Allura stated that Grog and Kima would not be a good match. Additionally, Kima eventually married Allura Vysoren as revealed in "Taryon, My Wayward Son" (1x97).[9]

Allura VysorenEdit

Allura is bisexual, as confirmed by Matthew Mercer in an episode of Talks Machina. She humored the flirtations of Tiberius Stormwind, but after Vox Machina's rescue mission in Kraghammer, Allura reconnected with Lady Kima of Vord. The two were later revealed to have married in "Taryon, My Wayward Son" (1x97).[9]

Campaign TwoEdit

The Mighty NeinEdit

Beauregard LionettEdit


Fan art of Beau with the lesbian pride flag on her staff, by Domi Rin.[art 2]

Beau is a lesbian. In game, she has only shown attraction to women, and has been confirmed by Marisha Ray to be a lesbian in Talks Machina. She has been described by fans as a "disaster lesbian" to which Marisha responded that there are no better words to describe her. Beauregard has had three intimate encounters with women in game, two of which including guest player characters Keg[10][11] and Reani [12] respectively. She also confessed to having feelings for Jester, and has a strong infatuation with Yasha that over time has grown from one of lust to, according to Marisha Ray's second playlist for Beau, "a crush forged in battle".[13]

Yasha NydoorinEdit

Yasha is a lesbian. Liam O'Brien as Caleb Widogast refers to both her and Beauregard as such in "The Ruined Sliver" (2x104)[14]. She was married to Zuala in her tribe and this fact is an integral part of her backstory. Additionally, Ashley Johnson included a song titled "Pussy is God" on her second Yasha playlist, captioning it "Favored Terrain. sry not sry."[15]

Mollymauk TealeafEdit

Mollymauk is genderfluid and bisexual, as confirmed by Matthew Mercer in an interview on the DnD Beyond twitch channel. [16] As for visibility in game, in "Whispers of War" (2x18), Molly purchased a night with two companions, and when asked his preference for male or female, he responded with "surprise me". The two ended up being a male and a female.[17]

Guest CharactersEdit


Calianna was confirmed to be attracted to women by player Mark Hulmes in a tweet, saying that "he thinks she would lean more towards girls" in regards to her sexuality.[18]


Keg is bisexual.[19] She often found Beauregard to be attractive, saying "Keg is aroused" in response to many of her actions. She had a sexual relationship with Beau in game as well.

I go both ways, baby!
Keg about her clear attraction to both Beau and Shakäste[19].

Reani Edit

Reani is bisexual. She was planning to marry an elven woman named Fen before their disagreements split them apart, and she showed her attraction to Essek Thelyss in game[20] and to Caleb, as confirmed by player Mica Burton on Talks Machina. Additionally, Reani gave a rose to and shared a kiss with Beauregard, afterwords spending unspecified alone time together.[12] Mica later joked on Pub Draw that Beau and Reani had slept together, which Marisha then confirmed on the following episode of Talks Machina.

Notable NPCsEdit

Bryce FeelidEdit

Bryce Feelid is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns as confirmed by Matthew Mercer on twitter [21]


Dairon uses both "she" and "they" as pronouns, as confirmed by Matthew Mercer in a tweet and the episode "Family Gathering" (2x71).[22][23]

Dolan ThrymEdit

While Dolan's sexuality is unknown, he is in a relationship with another man, Horris Thrym whom he refers to as his partner.[24]

Horris ThrymEdit

While Horris's sexuality is unknown, he is in a relationship with another man, Dolan Thrym, who refers to him as his partner.[24]

Marion Lavorre Edit

Marion referred to her clientele as "an army of men, women, and people in between" in the episode "Homeward Bound" (2x48). Matt later confirmed on Twitter that "Marion caters to all clients she deems worthy, regardless of gender."[25]

The Gentleman Edit

While talking to Jester about his past and perspective on his life in "The Threads Converge" (2x85), the Gentleman said it was "easy to get lost in alcohol, drugs, women and men..."

Yudala Fon Edit

Yudala Fon is agender, as stated by Matt in "Punishment and Politics" (2x87).

Leylas Kryn Edit

Leylas is in a relationship with another woman, Quana Kryn, whom she has been with through multiple lifetimes. Matt stated on Talks Machina that "they've both lived lives as men, women, both, neither" and that "gender and sexuality make a lot less sense when you've lived multiple lives in multiple shoes, and it just becomes people."[26]

Gods Edit

Erathis Edit

Erathis and Melora are known to be lovers.[27][28]

Melora Edit

Melora and Erathis are known to be lovers.[27][28]


Corellon is a genderfluid deity.[28][29]


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