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Kylre was a nergaliid, and formerly a member of The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities. As an NPC, Kylre was played by Matthew Mercer.



Kylre was an enormous creature with green scales, slimy looking skin, and a corpulent form. To those unaware of his fiendish nature, he looked like an obese lizard man. He was allegedly bipedal, but hunched when he walked, using his forearms for support. He had toad-like legs framing a rotund torso and muscular arms.

When using his Life Drain attack, his eyes looked like burning coals. When the party carved his head off after death, his skin was like rubbery blubber. Along the brow line he had a series of small breathing holes that were full of mucus, which he constantly produced.

Kylre was so large and heavy that his head alone required 2-3 people to carry.


Anna Landin Fjord Kylre

Fan art of Fjord fighting Kylre, by Anna Landin.[art 2]

Kylre had a large roar and could speak Common and Infernal in a deep, slow voice. Although he could speak, he rarely did. Before revealing his hostile nature to the party, he spoke in brusque, incomplete phrases. When he needed to communicate with Toya, however, he showed intelligence and a grasp of Common far beyond what his initial vocabulary suggested.[3]

During the carnival performance, Kylre was "soothed" by Toya's song. When Enon became a husk, Kylre appeared surprised and swiftly carried Toya out of the tent.[4]



Jinjidraws Kylre Toya

Fan art of Kylre with Toya, by Jinjidraws.[art 3]

Kylre joined the Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities at some point between Toya's recruitment and Mollymauk's arrival. In this time, he and Toya formed an act. Kylre told the carnival that he was one of the lizardfolk, and they apparently did not question this.[5]

At a time when the Carnival was not doing well, Kylre offered Gustav Fletching a deal: he could make the Carnival something great, but Gustav would have to bring him people to eat. Gustav wasn't willing to give him just anyone, but did offer to bring the elderly and infirm after each show.[6]

"Curious Beginnings" (2x01)[]

Kylre performed his act with Toya. During the act, for unknown reasons, he drained the life from an elderly man to the point that he turned into a husk. This caused chaos to spread through the tent, as the Mighty Nein, in their first battle, fought to kill both the original husk and a woman killed by him who also became undead. Kylre grabbed Toya and took her to safety as the Mighty Nein dealt with the husks.

"A Show of Scrutiny" (2x02)[]

When the Nein came to investigate the members of the carnival, Kylre fled the scene with Toya. During the escape, he turned the two guarding Crownsguard into husks to cover his retreat.

"The Midnight Chase" (2x03)[]

It was discovered that Kylre had escaped to the small island of Crookedstone in the Ustaloch. The Nein sailed to the island during the night and succeeded in slaying Kylre. His head was taken as proof of the kill, and to show that it was him who had turned people into husks.



Toya is a young, dwarven girl who was held in thrall by Kylre who was pretending to be her protector. She has a magical singing talent that he was cultivating for his own purposes.

Character Information[]

Kylre - George Bennett

Fan art of Kylre, by George Bennett.[art 4]


As a nergaliid, Kylre had the following abilities:[7]

  • Ability to leap 20-25 feet into the air and travel 40-45 feet with a single leap.
  • Life Drain attack
  • Summon Devil (3 Imps)

Notable Items[]

  • A small pouch filled with flesh and mucus, as well as a handful of coins and jewelry, including rings and necklaces. When Jester later gave one of these recovered rings to Gustav Fletching, he noted that it looked very similar to one he'd had before.

Appearances and mentions[]



  • A nergaliid is an original creature created by Matthew Mercer.[8]
  • The miniature used to represent Kylre is a Marsh Giant from WizKids's "Pathfinder Battles - Legends of Golarion" series, with its weapon snipped off.[9]


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