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Kyle Shire is a producer at Critical Role.[1] He was involved in the creation of "Exandria: An Intimate History" (Sx61)[2] and Crit Recap Animated.

Critical Role productions[]

In December of 2019, Kyle was presented with an opportunity to blend his interests in producing, comedy, and D&D into a single job as a producer on the Critical Role channel. Since then, he has produced episodes of the second and third campaigns of Critical Role, All Work No Play, 4-Sided Dive, Talks Machina, Crit Recap Animated, and Exandria Unlimited: Calamity, as well as specials, promos, and other programming. He took part in the development of the questions for the socially distanced version of Talks Machina and (along with Dani Carr) for 4-Sided Dive's segment called "Deep Dive".[3] He collaborates with Sam Riegel in the development of Sam's ad reads at the beginning of each Critical Role episode.[4]

Kyle was featured in Sam Riegel's ad in "Rebirth" (2x139)[5] and made a guest appearance in "Talks Machina #136: 'Unwanted Reunions'" (TMx136).[6] He appeared briefly in "4-Sided Dive: To Be Continued!" (4SDx10) where Sam Riegel failed to correctly identify him.[7] He also appeared in "4-Sided Dive: Suddenly Samuel" (4SDx25) during the beginning bit, reassuring Travis Willingham that he doesn't have to be like Robbie Daymond as a Tavern Keeper.

Kyle has also done game design for the company. The "The Nautilus Ark: A Johnson Corp Odyssey" (Sx60) one-shot was run on a system homebrewed by Kyle using elements from Mothership by Tuesday Knight Games and Alien RPG by Free League.[8] Kyle also created and designed Queen by Midnight, a battle royale deck-building tabletop card game published by Darrington Press LLC which allows players to roleplay powerful princesses, competing to become Queen of the Midnight Court by the time the clock strikes midnight.[9]

Other work[]

Kyle previously worked as producer for Machinima Studios (through 2019)[9] and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.[1]

In his 10 years of experience as a stand-up comedian, he appeared on Laughs on FOX,, The Pandora Boxxx Show, and is featured in the Comedy Dynamics special Out On Stage: The Series.[10]




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