Kutha[1][2] is an ogre employee of The Gentleman. As an NPC, Kutha is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Kutha was a hefty, 11-foot tall[3], muscular ogre who had beady dark eyes and a large looming jaw of broken teeth protruding from underneath. When first encountered by the Mighty Nein, he was seen in the Evening Nip wearing patchwork hide armor. He stood at the corner heading to the right section of the tavern and held a giant maul.[4]

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The Mighty Nein first saw Kutha when they entered the secret portion of Evening Nip tavern. After making a deal with The Gentleman Caleb Widogast, Nott and Jester tried to talk to him. Jester used the Wand of Smiles on him.

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