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Kuo-toa are humanoid fish creatures.[3]



Kuo-toa are amphibious humanoids with fish-like heads. They have webbed feet, bulbous fish eyes, and many teeth, and are covered in slime. The kuo-toa encountered by Vox Machina wore tunics and wrist wrappings,[4] and carried ropes and spears.[5] Some also carried shields, and one wore a robe.[4]


Kuo-toa tend to worship strange and aberrant entities as deities. Their archpriests become powerful spellcasters and can give even give some minor spellcasting abilities to devotees, called whips.[6]


Kuo-toa are able to breathe both air and water, and can sense the presence and location of creatures within 30 feet of them that are invisible or on the Ethereal Plane. However, they are sensitive to sunlight and as such prefer dark or underground locations.[1]


Kuo-toa can bite creatures in melee, and otherwise tend to rely on weapons such as scepters, nets, spears, and pincer staves.[7] Archpriests additionally have access to various cleric spells.[8]

Known kuo-toa[]

Vox Machina encountered several kuo-toa whips and an archpriest worshiping a beholder beneath the Marrowglade Loch.[4]

One kuo-toa named Plookoolp lives in a cave outside of Olc Skerry with the sea hag Peggy Silva.[9]



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