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Kradin Grimthorne is a grizzled, beardless dwarf with a grin on his face and a shifty demeanor. He works as a finder and manager of fighting talent for the Brawler's League, an underground tournament with little laws involved.[1] He approached Vox Machina to represent them in an upcoming round of the League. After the party's victory, Grimthorne happily took his share of the winnings and said he'd try to find them when the next round is to begin.[2][3] As an NPC, Grimthorne is played by Matthew Mercer.

Kradin Grimthorne - @TealTumbleweed

Fan art of Kradin Grimthorne, by @TealTumbleweed.[art 2]

Appearances and mentions[]


Grimthorne's name is from one of the characters Matt Mercer played in a previous RPG.[4] Matthew's original Grimthorne was one-eyed.[5]


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